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Tips for Using Garment Racks to Organize Child’s Closet

What does your kid’s closet look like? It’s funny how much time we spend on our child’s closet before they even arrive, tenderly folding all of those little socks and onesies and organizing everything until it looks like a gorgeous nursery showroom. Cut to six months later when the closet looks like a tornado went through it and you are jamming junior into a smaller size because you can’t seem to find where all those six-month sized clothes went to.

We’ve all been there, and it seems to only get worse as your little one gets older. But there are easy ways to help keep the chaos under control in the closet. It starts with a good garment rack and can be built up from there.

Using a Garment Rack to Organize a Child’s Closet

Why Traditional Closets Aren’t Cutting It

Traditional closets have a stationary hanging rack that usually measures about six feet in length. At first glance, that seems like it should be plenty of hanging space for the little one in your life. It’s not. And there are a number of reasons why that traditional closet space isn’t working for you.

  • It’s made for grown up clothes. The difference between your baby’s clothing and your clothing is enormous. Yes, their clothing is a whole lot cuter, but it’s also a whole lot smaller. That means using the hanging rack in the closet is inefficient.
  • It’s hard to see everything. Closets tend to be deep, dark places. That makes it hard to see all of those little clothes and find the coordinating pieces when you need them, even if you are trying to use organizers.
  • It has limited storage. If everything hung on the rack, you might be able to make it work. But there are tiny socks, drool bibs, mittens, hats, and hair bows that all need a space, too. The closet isn’t going to give you that unless you pack it with expensive organizational furniture.

Why a Garment Rack is the Right Solution

They are mobile.

This might not seem like a big deal until you try it for yourself. A garment rack can be pulled out of the closet and across a room and over to a changing table or even the baby’s crib, making it easier to bring the clothes to baby. It also allows you to pull everything out and see it all at once, so it’s easier to hang items up and sort through tiny clothing that needs to go to a new home.

They are easily organized by size.

Garment racks are made for a retail clothing store environment, so they are easy to organize by size. You can purchase inexpensive size markers that hang right on the rack so you’ll never be hunting for another pair of nine month pants again. This makes it easier to keep everything sorted out by size, but it’s also great for planning the next size wardrobe. You’ll be able to see if you need to stock up on winter wear for 12-month sizes or if you already have way too many cute sweaters on hand.

They give you more size-appropriate options.

Instead of making an adult’s closet fit child’s clothing, you can pick up garment racks that are more appropriate for children’s clothing. For instance, H-racks give you two rails at two different heights. You can use the back rail to store larger sizes and keep the smaller, younger sizes at the front. There are lots of accessories that you can add to your H rack, too, like display baskets at the top for all those tiny baby accessories.

Display Racks We Recommend For Baby

Ready to organize your baby’s closet with garment racks and other retail displays? Here are a few pieces that we’d definitely recommend.

H Racks

Great for their double rail capacity, because you can store seldom or not-yet-needed items at the back and keep the stuff you need all the time up front.

Hat Display

If there is one accessory your baby is sure to accumulate, it’s hats. Show them off with a gorgeous hat rack like this one!

Children-Sized Hangers

Trying to keep baby clothes on full size hangers is a recipe for disaster! Do yourself a favor and stock up on children’s hangers.

Spiral Clothing Rack

Take parenting to the next level with a spiral clothing rack. It’s great for sorting out the next week’s worth of clothing for older kids or displaying a costume and dress up collection for the younger ones.

Stacking Baskets

An really versatile item in a child’s bedroom! Use them to keep shoes, socks, or other fashion accessories in. Great for storing toys when they get older, too! These are super durable and can take them right through college and beyond.

You can find these items and many more in our online store. We offer high-quality retail displays that can work in your home, too, all without breaking your budget. You’ll have your child’s closet sorted out and a place for everything in no time at all, giving you a lot more time to focus on other priorities. Place an order with our team today! You can order online or by placing an order over the phone with our customer service team by calling 800-899-0015.

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