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Holiday Sales Prep: Is Your Store Ready? Part 1

The holiday season is just around the corner! No, really, it may feel like autumn has barely started, but for those in retail, that means now is the time to prepare. Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend are generally the biggest set of sales days during the calendar year, and if you’re not preparing your store, you could be missing out on some substantial profits. So, is your store ready to handle the rush of holiday shoppers that are bound to come? Proper preparation can make all the difference between a mediocre sales day and an amazing one, and this is even more the case when it comes to a sales day as big as Black Friday. Of course, some proper preparation and organization beforehand can make a world of difference.

Plan Your Sales Strategies

Black Friday shoppers are going to be looking for sales, and a lot of them. Most people will go into a store looking for one or two specific items that are nicely discounted. Of course, if shoppers happen to find other items that they may or may not need in the process of searching out the big sales, that’s a big coup for retailers because this is where the bigger profits will happen. So, in order to really maximize your sales potential this holiday season, start thinking about Black Friday now. You’ll want to choose what to discount enough to entice shopper into your store but, more importantly, you’ll want to plan just how you’ll display everything.

A prominent, eye-catching display can result in an an impulse purchase any time of year. On Black Friday in particular, shoppers are already mentally prepared to do a lot of shopping, so impulse purchases become even easier to encourage—assuming you’re showing off your wares as much as possible. This generally means that, for the holiday season, you should prepare to increase the number of displays featured in your store as well as the amount of items you have for sale. As always, you’ll want to find that fine balance between showing off everything you have for sale and leaving enough room for customers to navigate through your store. However, many shoppers expect a higher amount of chaos, so there is a bit more leniency about how much you can fill your store. So, before Thanksgiving comes around and you’re ready to sleep off your big ol’ turkey dinner, make sure you have a plan in place to get your goods in front of more shoppers. Here are a few suggestions:

Keep Retail Clothing Racks Filled

The number one thing you can do to make the most of holiday shopping, especially on Black Friday, is to be prepared to fill empty racks and swap out displays quickly. There will be plenty of shoppers out trying to find the best deals, and more eyes on your merchandise statistically means more sales. But if your retail display racks are all bare bones empty, shoppers won’t have much to choose from and drift right back out of your store. So, in order to really make the most of holiday shopping, you’ll want to keep each of your retail clothing racks well stocked. Since there will likely be a crush of shoppers, your employees will be kept busy. This means few opportunities to go into the stockroom, unpack boxes of new merchandise, and hang it up before moving it out to the sales floor. Instead, you’ll want to have racks of merchandise unboxed, hung neatly, and ready to roll out to the floor as soon as it’s needed. This may mean keeping extra retail clothing racks in the back to get your goods organized, or maybe it means a collection of Z racks to easily transport everything from back to front with little waiting.

The holiday season can be the biggest boon for your profit margins, as long as you’re using the planning period correctly. Stay tuned to part two of our blog series for more tips on preparing for the holiday shopping rush. If you’re ready to stock up and get organized, shop Metropolitan Display’s selection of retail clothing racks online. We carry everything from multi-purpose Z racks to sturdy round racks, along with the right accessories so you can customize each rack to fit your needs. Not sure what you need? Give us a call! Our team is ready to help you choose the right retail display racks for your store!