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Holiday Sales Prep: Is Your Store Ready? Part 2

We know it doesn’t feel like it now, but the holidays are just around the corner. For those of us in retail, that means the biggest shopping season of the year, which is something to get excited about. It’s also a time of year that requires a bit of extra preparation. If you want to make the most of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the rest of the holiday shopping season, it’s time to get started with your prep work now! If you’re just tuning in to the Metropolitan Display blog, be sure to check back to part 1 of this blog series for our initial tips on preparing your store for the holiday season. In order to maximize your profits as much as possible this holiday shopping season, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind:

Getting Started

The key thing to remember about the holiday sales season is that people are out expecting to spend money. Of course, you’re only going to see a share of those profits if you have plenty of goods on display to pique their interest. The number one thing to remember when preparing for Black Friday in particular is that, if your retail display racks are empty, customers are less likely to make impulse purchases—and that’s where the better profits generally lie. On Black Friday especially, your employees are going to be busy and won’t have time to unbox and organize merchandise in the back before bringing it to the floor. A big part of your Black Friday sales preparations should be unboxing and preparing as much of your merchandise as possible to go out on the floor before Thanksgiving. An army of already-packed Z racks will make it easier to roll your wares out to the floor and fill up sparse displays without interrupting your employees or the flow of shoppers. And, the more merchandise you have on display, the more likely shoppers are to make those impulse purchases that improve your profits. As most retailers know, the big discounted items on Black Friday are how you get shoppers into the store; impulse purchases are the bigger profit source.

Plan Displays Purposefully

In order to really maximize those impulse purchases, you’ll want to plan your displays even more purposefully than you would through the rest of the year. Think about the big ticket items that are convincing shoppers to come into your store. Those should be displayed prominently, but you probably won’t want to group them all up at the front of your sales floor. Instead, have those items interspersed throughout your store in such a way that shoppers have to pass by other merchandise to get to what they’re looking for. Then, place quasi-related items on nearby retail display racks to help inspire them to throw that item in their basket too. For example, if you’re offering a great deal on a trendy sweater, market it with a leather jacket or a purse, with those additional options displayed nearby. This will mean ensuring you have a good blend of retail clothing racks and accessory racks ready to set up your displays.

Think About Flow

The other big component of setting up your store for maximum profit potential is to consider how easily your customers can get to and through your store—and how well your displays encourage them to do so. During Black Friday, shoppers are expecting the stores to be packed full of others looking for a deal or two, so they’re more accepting of cramped aisles and overflowing displays. This works out well for shop owners, because it means you can be more zealous than usual with the number of retail display racks you have on your sales floor. Boost the number of round racks, H racks, and accessory racks you have scattered throughout. Just don’t forget to stock up on Z racks at the same time, so you can ensure you keep your sales floor well-stocked on Black Friday and all throughout the holiday season.

The right retail clothing racks can make all the difference in how well or poorly your merchandise sells, and no time is that more true than during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Shop Metropolitan Display online or give us a call to get the best retail clothing racks to make sure you’re prepared for the coming holidays!