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How to Use H-Racks to Increase Impulse Buying

We all know the importance of impulse purchases. These are purchases that the customer didn’t come in to make and are often of items they see at checkout. A couple impulse purchases can take a bland sales day to a great sales day as well as increase your average sales ticket, which is an important key performance indicator for year over year success. So what are you doing to increase impulse buys in your store? And how can a clothing store increase their impulse buys? We’ve been helping retailers find the display racks they need to help boost their sales and impulse purchases, and we’ve learned a thing or two over the years. Here are some of our best tips!

Boosting Impulse Buys in Your Clothing Store

The Traditional Methods

These are some of the traditional impulse buy boosting methods that retails often put to use. How many are your store putting to use right now?

  • Keep the price point low. Impulse items are typically prices at $20 or less; it’s a small enough amount that shoppers will feel like they can add it onto their ticket without feeling guilty.
  • Keep the margins high. Impulse items are often the highest margin items you sell in your store. That makes them even more profitable for you to sell and display.
  • Keep it small. The most popular impulse items are the ones that are small enough to fit into their shopping bag. If it seems like a difficult thing to carry, your customers are much more likely to pass it by.
  • Make it seem exciting. Signage plays an important role here. Appeal to your customer’s sense of urgency by letting them know what a great deal it is or that there are only a few items left.
  • Train your team. Impulse buys are often made when clerks suggest a special item. Telling a customer about a special deal in the store or showing them a necklace that goes perfectly with their outfit is a great way to encourage them to make an additional purchase.

New Ideas for Your Store to Try

You should continue to use those traditional methods when and where you can, but remember, shoppers are savvy and they know an impulse buy when they see one. It’s a good idea to change things up and appeal to customers in different ways. One of the best tools a clothing store has on hand to increase impulse purchases is their H rack.

How to Put the H Rack to Work

  • As a display for new items. New items in the store can create a sense of urgency for the buyer. They might want to be the first to own the item or ensure they get it in their size before it’s gone. These are great displays to put at the front of the store; customers coming in to make a purchase will see all the new gear and be tempted into buying items they hadn’t originally come in to purchase.
  • As a display for sale items. Many stores hide sales items in the back. Consider moving select sales items to the area around the till on your H racks. Customers hardly ever feel a sense of guilt when making an impulse purchase off of a sales rack, so they are much more likely to look through those sales items while they are waiting to pay. It’s a great way to move that excess inventory out quickly.
  • Show off coordinating accessories. H racks are great for displaying complete put-together looks. Put the look at the end of the H rack and then hang all of the pieces that went into that look behind it. You can add display baskets to the top of the rack to hold accessories like jewelry, scarves, and shoes.

Other Impulse Buy Tips for Clothing Stores

  • Put displays around the checkout. The area around your checkout space is prime location for impulse purchases. Your customers have made the bulk of their purchasing decisions, but at this point are easily talked into adding on a coordinating piece.
  • Put time and energy into graphics. Signage matters. Printing off a black and white sign on the office printer isn’t going to create the same sense of fun and excitement as a well-designed piece of signage. Investing in the graphics will more than pay for itself in the long run, and many pieces can be reused in the future.
  • Look for things that attract attention. Impulse purchases are made when the items attracts the customers attention. In a clothing store, this is the perfect opportunity to show off your sparkly accessories, brightest lipsticks, and fanciest shoes.
  • Group items that go together in the same space. The checkout isn’t the only place you should be putting impulse items. Look for like things that you can group together. For instance, keep socks by shoes. Keep lipstick by handbags. And put jewelry items by outfits that go with those pieces.

Ready to put these sales boosting strategies into action? We have all of the H racks and other retail displays that you need. Visit our online store to make a purchase and to find a gorgeous selection of retail displays that are sure to spark your merchandising imagination. You can purchase directly through our website, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give our customer service team a call.