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Our 5 Fave Garment Rack Decorating Ideas for Kids

If you keep up with the Metropolitan Display blog, you probably saw our recent post about why Z racks are the most versatile of the portable metal clothes rack options. When you need an on-the-go garment rack for hauling and storing easily, the Z rack ought to be your go-to; however, that style of rack is generally great for more utilitarian uses. When it comes to adding more storage, organizing, and keeping with your home’s style, the more standard a-frame or single pipe garment rack offers the variety and use you’re looking for. As any parent has had the opportunity to discover, kids come with a lot of accoutrements, which means organization and sufficient storage space is all that stands between you and an avalanche of tiny ruffled skirts. Below are some of our favorite suggestions for using garment racks to tidy your child’s space without sacrificing style.

Keep Dress Up Clothes Handy

Fueling fun and imaginative play is one of the best things we can do for our kids. In order to promote play that doesn’t involve a video game system or other electronics, it can be helpful to have other play options easily accessible. Of course, that doesn’t mean you want all those toys strewn about the house. Keep imaginative play options easily at hand but neatly stored with a special garment rack in your child’s room.

full-sized garment rack with a double rail can keep everyday clothes tidy on the top rail and the dress up clothes where your little one can easily reach. As a bonus, the garment rack will grow with them. Or, for a more petite option that matches the room decor, cut a plywood board into the silhouette of an animal or some other fun design, create an opening in the center, paint it, and attach a base and rail. This way, you can create a frog to hold your little princess’s dress up gear.

Doll-Sized Swing Set

Speaking of fueling imaginative play, how many of your kids have a dollhouse, castle, cottage, or other play structure, either child-sized or doll-sized? One of the most adorable garment rack suggestions we’ve seen is a miniature wooden swing set that doubles as a garment rack. This style of garment rack can be used to organize dress up clothes or hanging baskets for toys, but also to fuel imaginative play.

Set the Example

If you want your child to learn the importance of cleaning up after themselves, one of the best methods is to lead by example. If your child sees you come home and store your shoes on the shoe rack or hang up your coat, they will learn to do those same things. A miniature garment rack in your child’s room matching the metal clothes rack in your room will help reinforce these lessons. Choose a garment rack with a shoe platform or basket for accessories to help your child learn the value of tidiness early. The more closely your child’s garment rack matches yours, the better those lessons will stick.

Go Rustic

Garment racks don’t necessarily need to be sleek and industrial if that’s not the look you’re going for. Sure, an industrial pipe garment rack can be great for a chic studio apartment, but may not be the look you want in your child’s room. Add storage and style with a wooden garment rack. Reclaimed lumber or gently-gnarled branches (cleaned and sanded) offer a unique support structure. As an added bonus, this structure can be easily converted into a simple tent for playtime.

Support Blanket Forts

There is something charming and magical about making a blanket fort but, as a parent, the massive mess they make can be a nuisance. Help your kids experience that magical part of childhood without a massive mess. A sturdy garment rack (maybe wrapped in twinkle lights) makes an excellent central support structure for a blanket fort—and a great place for some kid’s room organization when it’s not serving as a portal to a magical world.

Get organized, add to your home’s style, and encourage non-electronic play with a garment rack or two. If you’re on the hunt for quality garment racks, shop Metropolitan Display online today!