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Preparing for Black Friday: Z Rack Accessories and More

Any retailer looking for ways to keep their business in the black knows the revenue that can come with Black Friday sales. When properly prepared and with a solid sales strategy at hand, Black Friday can be one of the most (if not the most) lucrative sales days of the year. On the other hand, if your store isn’t prepared and you haven’t done research into holiday sales strategies, you can just as easily take a loss on one of the biggest single sales days of the year. So how do you prepare properly for Black Friday and promote success as much as possible? Well, part of the answer is going to be research and data analysis, but the other part is planning for the necessities for seamless day-of operations. Here are a few things to consider:

Know Your Products

The first big question is that of deals and specials. Shoppers on Black Friday specifically are going to expect to find deals galore. But, at the same token, if you discount everything in your store, you’re not likely to see a profit, if you even break even. The trick is to strategically choose which products to put on sale. These should be items or sales enticing enough to get shoppers ready to come in and spend money in your store when they see the ad or hear about the sale. Of course, be sure you’re keeping profit margins in mind when you determine which items will get the Black Friday deals spotlight so you don’t lose money on your sales. The point is to offer just enough sales and specials that shoppers will come in. From there, your displays should be arranged in such a way that they encourage additional shopping, outside of those items on sale.

Arranging Your Retail Display Racks

In previous blog posts, we’ve talked about the importance of creating a flow across your sales floor and leaving enough space around each display that customers can shop from any angle. When it comes to Black Friday, things get a little less neat and orderly, and that’s okay. Shoppers generally have ready-made expectations that there will be large crowds and packed stores. Because that expectation is already out there, you can usually get away with filling your sales floor a bit more heavily than you usually would. When you have a larger quantity of shoppers pulling items off shelves and emptying retail clothing racks at a faster pace, the additional inventory already on display will help keep things from looking too sparse as the day goes on. Set up your special Black Friday sales throughout the store so you can encourage shoppers to move further into your store and, hopefully, find other things that appeal. Those impulse purchases are going to be where your primary profits come from on Black Friday, so you want to ensure there are plenty of opportunities to shop throughout your store.

Accessorizing Your Racks

In order to encourage your shoppers to buy more, you have to ensure they are seeing more. This generally means arranging your retail display racks to guide shoppers around your sales floor in such a way that they will explore more and see more. When it’s time for Black Friday shopping, you may want to accessorize each of your retail display racks better than a toddler playing in Mom’s jewelry box. Adding additional railings, shelves, and baskets to existing retail display racks is a good way to add to your sales floor without blocking pathways and gumming up aisles. This way, you can get more of your merchandise in front of your shoppers without blocking their ability to move around the store. In particular, accessorizing your Z racks means you can more easily transport your goods between the stock room and the front. Or, if you need some extra hanging space, use those Z racks as temporary retail display racks during the rush of Black Friday sales. Accessorizing your metal clothes racks, when done properly, can help improve your profit potential on Black Friday and throughout the holiday sales season.

Prepare for the coming Black Friday onslaught. Shop Z rack accessories as well as a range of retail display racks online with Metropolitan Display or give us a call to order!