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Starting From Scratch with Retail Clothing Racks

Whether you’re starting a brand new store or you’re ready to get rid of every last broken down, junky metal clothes rack in your store, starting from scratch can be both a blessing and a burden. Whatever the reason you’re starting back at square one, do a bit of research and create a plan before you dive straight into shopping for new retail clothing racks. After all, there are plenty of different retail display rack options; do you want H racks and Z racks or round racks and purse trees? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan and, as always, if you need help choosing the right retail display racks for your needs, the knowledgeable team at Metropolitan Display is here to help! Start with these tips and tricks then give us a call if you need further help!

Plan Your Needs

Every store front is different, which means there are plenty of physical dimensions to take into account before you start ordering retail clothing racks. Setting up a sales floor with displays and racks calls for considerate planning; after all, you will want to maximize the space you have, no matter how large or small. However, if you pack your clothing display racks in too tightly, shoppers will end up feeling overwhelmed by an overly cramped feeling—if they can even get into your store!

If you’re a visual person, creating an editable model of your space may be helpful. Create a grid on poster board or use graph paper to draw out the boundaries and any pillars or immovable internal structures in your space. Then, create size-scaled shapes for the different racks you’re thinking of getting and move them around in your grid. This will give you a bird’s eye view of your store, which can help make it easier to plan displays and aisles to lead shoppers throughout your space in a natural way. Remember, the goal of your displays should be to keep pulling shoppers further into your store, not drive them away, so aisles are just as important as the clothing display racks you choose.

Account For Change

As you plan out your space, it’s important to remember that the products you have now (or will be starting your store with) are not the same products you’ll have next year—if they are, you’ve probably got a few problems! Of course, you don’t need to plan for a drastic shift in products; it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll go from carrying women’s clothing and accessories and jump into straight into strictly selling stuffed animals. However, most retail stores see pretty frequent product turnover as things sell and the seasons shift. A clothing store that has a variety of winter coats and hats in December will not see great success with the same products in July. Making those seasonal shifts is only natural and part of a solid business plan, so be sure to incorporate that into your plan for retail clothing racks as well!

Our suggestion: think about your products as overarching categories and attach a certain style of retail display rack next to each category. Once you have that list, a bit of further organization can help clarify things; separate those categories into seasons, rank in order of quantity or best selling products, and estimate how many of each category can fit onto the rack paired with it. This will help you develop a list of the types of retail clothing racks and display racks you’ll need, how many of each type you think you’ll want, and how much overlap you’ll have from season to season. With this list in hand, you can go back to that grid representation of your shop and see how well or poorly those racks will fit in your sales space. Of course, keep in mind that the racks you choose to order are a bit more flexible than the space you have, so don’t order more than you can fit at any one time!

After all this, you probably have some idea that planning the retail clothing racks and display options for your store isn’t as easy as you might have thought. If you need help, call the experienced team at Metropolitan Display for more help or shop online today!