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The Benefits of Using Z Racks in Your Pop Up Clothing Shop

Using the right garment racks for any store is essential. It helps keep your inventory organized and provides your customers with gorgeous displays to shop. That’s why store designers spend a lot of time, money, and effort on finding the perfect racks. But a pop-up clothing shop presents some unique challenges:

  • You need to be able to easily transport your merchandise to the next location while keeping it safe from damage and stains. Pop up stores are mobile by nature, and that means you are going to need garment racks that can help you stay mobile and on the move while minimizing risk to your inventory.
  • You need to be able to setup and tear down quickly. This might be slightly less of an imperative when it comes pop-up shops that stick around for a month or even a season. But a lot of shops are popping up for single-day or week-long events, meaning the easier it is to get things moved, the more profit margin there is in the pop up event.

The key for a pop-up clothing shop is to get merchandise on racks that are easy to move, stable enough to hold the inventory, and can double as displays as well as storage. Z-Racks could be the perfect solution.

Why Your Pop Up Clothing Shop Needs Z Racks

They are built for stability.

The unique shape of the z rack’s base gives it extra stability. That’s good news when you need to be on the go; you’ll be able to wheel the rack through tight spaces without worrying that it’s going to fall over or collapse. The unique z-shape of the base also gives the rack plenty of strength when it comes to holding up heavier loads, so you won’t have to worry about over-burdening your racks with inventory. That means you can move your inventory with confidence.

They double as storage and display.

Not only are z racks super practical, they look good even when they are hard at work. You can get z racks in a variety of colors and styles to meet your aesthetic. That means you can use them as storage as well as display. So you can load up your inventory on the racks to transport it, then simply move the racks into place and you’ll be ready to open. This can help you cut costs, too; now you don’t need to have a system for storage as well as one for display. It’s all there in one great rack.

They help you set up in no time.

Because you can use the z racks for storage as well as display, it can significantly cut down on your setup and teardown time. Setting up will be as easy as moving the racks into the space and setting up your merchandising displays. Tear down will only involve moving the racks back onto the truck or into the van (hopefully with a lot less stuff on them!). You can move from one location to the next without a lot of time or fuss in between.

The accessories make them even better.

There are a number of z-rack accessories that can help you take your displays to the next level. One of the accessories that’s highly recommended for z-racks being used in pop-up clothing shops is the clear cover with zipper. This cover will help you keep all of your inventory clean and damage-free even when you are on the move. There are also a number of baskets that you can add onto your rack that can give you even more merch opportunities, including posting signage and displaying coordinating accessories.

They can help you maximize your budget.

The margins in a pop up store can be razor thin. You need to do everything you can to maximize your profits and minimize your expensive. Z racks are great for that because they are an inexpensive investment in your store. Not only do they pull double duty on display and storage, they also help you maximize your time in a business where time really does equal money. Plus, they are built for durability so they are going to last for years to come. You could be using the same great z racks years from now!

Ready to Bring Z Racks to Your Pop Up?

Z racks are known in the garment industry for their versatility. You can use them for storage in the back room, restocking the racks on the floor, or even as displays themselves. With a wide range of accessories, you’ll be able to customize a rack to your store’s specific needs. They are also available in a variety of colors and styles, too, so you can get something that’s perfect for the personality of your shop.

No matter what you need in your z-racks, Metropolitan Display has it! We carry a full line up of small and large z-racks and accessories so you can purchase the gear you need for your pop up, all at a great price. Place an order in our online store today and we’ll have your new z-racks on their way to you in no time. Have questions about a custom order or something that you see on our website? Our customer service team is here to help at 800-899-0015. They’ll make sure you get the garment racks that you need!