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Why Z Racks are the Ultimate Rack

Whether you run a retail store, you’re in charge of a statewide dance competition, or you just really love good home organization, you may have developed an opinion or two about garment racks and all the other metal clothes rack options out there. Do you only allow rolling garment racks in your competition space? Are you staunchly in support of alternating H racks and round racks in your store’s open floor space? Whatever you use retail clothing racks for, odds are good you’ve developed an opinion or two, and you’re not alone! Of course, it’s important to take their intended use into account, so we’ll likely never agree on one single “greatest” metal clothes rack option. However, when it comes to versatile multi-use options, the Z rack is probably the ultimate chameleon of garment rack options. Here’s why:

Easy Portability

The first thing that makes the Z rack an excellent all-around option is that it’s easy to maneuver wherever you need—well, almost anywhere; it doesn’t quite do stairs well. However, sturdy casters at each corner of the “z” base give a steady, sturdy platform to support the weight of whatever you need to hang and haul. In addition, the base is sturdy enough that you don’t need to worry about equal weight distribution (except in the case of extra-heavy loads) because the rack can handle an uneven load with ease. Use the Z rack to haul what you need and get there easily!


Stock rooms are often over-crowded with boxes and awkwardly shaped shipments. Whether you need to navigate the maze that is your back room or get through a crowded hotel or convention center, the Z rack’s dimensions make it a versatile transition and storage option. The “z” shaped base and a single central rod means this rack can fit in narrow box alleys or hallways, turn sharp corners, and weave through crowded areas without requiring help or a lot of shoving (of boxes, not people!) to forge a broader path to make it through. The Z rack is narrow enough to weave easily and just wide enough to keep hangers in place through transit. This means you could have a rack full of evening gowns and haul them all easily without worrying about crushing the yards of tulle, satin, and organza.


Whether you’re running an event with several hundred participants or you’re trying to keep your retail store in excellent array, getting organized can be a make-or-break-it issue. Z racks are a great option because they can function as dividers or makeshift walls that are actually useful, not just a space-filler. At a dance or cheer competition, use Z racks to keep all the costumes or uniforms organized and create makeshift team rooms at the same time. Or, in a retail store, load up Z racks full of the next merchandise that needs to go out to the floor when you have a few spare minutes. This way, as H racks and round racks on the sales floor empty, you can roll out a Z rack and fill them quickly.


One of the big benefits that makes some retail display racks rise above others is their customizability. When you can add on additional rails or otherwise alter a rack with accessories that work for your specific need, that rack will quickly become indispensable, whether you’re in retail, competitions, or trying to organize your home efficiently. For instance, if you live in a studio apartment and need more storage, a Z rack with a shoe rack below and a basket on top can become a makeshift hall closet to store coats and jackets on the rail; winter shoes and slippers below; and scarves, hats, and handbags on the rack above. Since the Z rack is narrow, it won’t take up too much space and allow you to keep everything you need neatly organized in one area. Or, if you’re in charge of a dance team, keep all the costumes neatly organized with a shoe rack, accessories basket, and a second row for hanging all those tutus neatly.

No matter what you need, the dimensions and accessories of the Z rack make it an extraordinarily versatile metal clothes rack option. Get yours today from Metropolitan Display; shop online now!