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Professional Series, Locking Counter or Wall Mount Style Ipad Kiosk Display with Custom Graphics

Professional Series, Locking Counter or Wall Mount Style Ipad Kiosk Display with Custom Graphics
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Now you can customize your iPad or Galaxy Tablet Kiosk Display with your own custom branding and graphics to create your own distinctive look and image. For more about our Customizable Professional Series Tablet Kiosk Display, see technical specifications below and please contact us directly for pricing, art and additional information: 800-899-0015.

Technical Specifications
Sleek and secure, our TryTen Professional Series Tablet Kiosk Display is the ideal solution for classrooms, computer labs, libraries, retail or lobby displays, trade show demonstrations, reception areas and other professional environments. The innovative Kiosk enhances the accessibility and functionality of the Tablet while eliminating the risk of loss, damage or theft.

This display can be mounted to any wall, desk, counter, table or flat surface and can be displayed in either portrait or landscape position. The unique design conveniently hides cables allowing for a clean presentation at the same time eliminating tampering or accidental disconnection.

Hide the home button or not. Each Professional Series Tablet Kiosk Display  includes two unique and attractive faceplates that provide further flexibility. The open faceplate option allows users to access the camera and home button while the closed faceplate keeps the focus on the display screen and a chosen application.

Quality in every Display. Our TryTen Professional Series Tablet Kiosk Displays come with a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty against defects. Please contact us for full details about our warranty and restrictions.

Quick & Easy Install
The included four basic components are the Inner Mount, the Mount Cover, the Enclosure and the Faceplate.  To mount the Tablet Kiosk Display to any surface simply screw the Inner Mount to the selected location and place the Mount Cover on top. Once the Enclosure is attached to the Mount, the Tablet can be positioned under the appropriate Faceplate and placed inside the Enclosure. The included lock is attached to the Enclosure and can be secured to the faceplate using keys that come with the Kiosk. The sync/power cord can be fed through the Enclosure and Mount to ensure continuous charging options for the Tablet.

High Security Lock Included
Unlike other products on the market our Professional Series Tablet Kiosk Display avoids using simple Allen screws as a security function. Tryten's five pin pick-resistant locking mechanism is discreet yet highly secure and functional, while the low profile stainless steel design is simple to lock and unlock, allowing for controlled accessibility with a key.

Cable and Cord Protection
Charging cables and audio cables fit inside the closed face plate, and our unique cable channel allows for passing the cords through the pedestal and either out the bottom in the rear of the pedestal or straight down through the surface that it is mounted do, keeping the cords out of reach and looking neat.

Custom Keying Options
In an environment such as an office or school lab with several iPad stations, our Professional Series Ipad Kiosk Displays allow for adaptable keying options without a complex key management system. Each Kiosk includes two keys that work exclusively with the one mount. Or, contact us for Master Key options for all Kiosk stations.

In the Box:
1     x     Open Home/Camera Faceplate -or- Closed Home/Camera Faceplate
1     x     Enclosure Backing
1     x     Mount/Stand & Cover
1     x     High Security Lock & 2 Keys
4     x     Desk/Wall Mounting Screws
4     x     Assembly Screws
1     x     User Guide



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