Flutter Flags to Ring in the New Year!

January first is the start of a new year, a clean slate, a chance to hit the reset button. Whether your goals for the next year are personal, professional or something else entirely, this is the time of year to put some serious energy and focus behind your plans.


However, it’s also a time to celebrate!


Before you hit the ground running in 2015, make sure you surround yourself with loved ones and reflect on the 364 days behind you– preferably with a glass of bubbly in hand. Most people will choose to do all these things and more by throwing a fabulous New Year’s Eve party!


If you’re a retailer that offers party supplies or party rentals for Auld Lang Syne, make sure your customers know where to find you with these high-impact flutter flags!


Party Rentals Economy Size Flutter Flag


Even if your customers still have a table leaf in from the holidays, we’re betting they can’t seat more than a dozen or so people at once. When they’re looking to host a proper soiree, they’ll need your help seating everyone comfortably.



Make sure they know you are the choice for all their party rental needs. Use tents to keep rain or snow off their party dresses, long tables on which to cheers across at midnight, ample chairs for when they need to rest a spell after too much champagne.





Party Supplies - Windless Stay Open Large Swooper Flutter Flag


An NYE party without streamers, hats and noise makers is just won’t do. When the crowd sets out to find their sparkly 2015 decor you’ll be ready with this virtually weather-proof flutter flag.



Even if the weather outside is frightful, these durable advertising sails can hold their own.





Red is the universal color of passion and a natural attention grabber! If you want to stand out on your strip this flashy crimson flutter flag is

Party Rentals Red Flutter Flagjust what you need.



After all, there is a reason why so many fast food restaurants use this familiar looking color scheme in their branding. It works!


In short, if you are committed to helping your customers ring in the new year in style, make sure they can see you while driving around doing that last minute Christmas shopping or buying up the last bit of eggnog from the market.


By advertising your new year’s eve offerings with these color saturated and highly durable displays, you’ll stick out in their minds once they shake off their Christmas ham induced food coma and realize they still have planning to do!


Metropolitan Display sells a myriad of flutter flags, banner sales and many other devices that can successfully lead customers to your shop. We hope you’ll like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and be sure to add us to your Google+ circles!


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Spread Christmas Cheer with These Holiday Flutter Flags!

Oh you’d better watch out, you’d better not cry, better not pout I’m telling you why…the holidays are coming to town regardless. And as a retailer, this is when your business gets to really shine!


Over the next four weeks your store has the potential to rake in more traffic than at any other point in the year. This goes double for foot traffic! Just look at the success of Black Friday in recent years. According to one Business Week estimate, in 2012 shoppers spent roughly $59 Billion the day after Thanksgiving.



Still, most families won’t be able to knock out all of their holiday shopping in one weekend. For the month of December, spread some holiday cheer and lock in sales with these festive flutter flags.


Season's Greetings Flutter Flag Advertising



Bright colors, punctuated with traditional red and green panels make this durable Season’s Greetings Flutter Flag the perfect way to kick off the holiday shopping rush.


It’s non-denominational, inclusive of all religions and a delightful way to invite shoppers inside.


Perfect for blustery days as wind puts an extra spring in its sales.


XMAS Sale Flutter Flag Advertising


Promoting your sales are always a strategic business move. However, doing so becomes critical during the holidays when the drive to find the lowest price gets highly competitive.


With families strapped for cash during the busiest shopping month of the entire year, hunting for the best bargain becomes a full-time job.


Stand out against your competitors with by announcing Xmas Sales with a the help of a 16 foot XMAS Sale Banner Sail.



Happy Holidays - Windless Stay Open Large Swooper Flutter Flag


Perhaps not surprisingly, the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” can also end up being the most stressful time of the year. You have family on both sides from all over to coordinate, wish lists that keep changing, and travel delays– sometimes it’s nice to get a gentle reminder that all is well.


Our Happy Holidays – Windless Stay Open Large Swooper Flutter Flag helps you state, without intention, that you care about your customer’s holiday experience and hope it’s a memorable one.


Windless stay open sails mean no matter how frightful the weather outside, your message stays clear.



Looking for an ultra durable way to advertise holiday sales, and share in the spirit of the season? Flutter flag banner sails can stand up to the most severe winter weather, all while announcing your message 12-16 feet above street level.


Regardless of which holiday everyone celebrates- Christmas, Hanuka, Kwanzaa, etc- wishing shoppers days that are merry and bright is a great way to show your customers how much you appreciate them this holiday season.


Metropolitan Display sells a myriad of flutter flags, banner sales and many other devices that can successfully lead customers to your shop. We hope you’ll like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and be sure to add us to your Google+ circles!

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‘Tis the Season: Flutter Flags Can Help Promote your Holiday Sales!

October marks the official change of season, beginning of the holiday rush and last quarter of the year. It’s a quick downhill slope during which many will feel like they’re on a dead sprint to Christmas. To help you make this year’s holiday season a successful one, why not consider investing in our fade-resistant and super effective flutter flags. They’re customizeable no matter your industry or brand, and have the potential to help you draw in hundreds of new faces, all looking to complete their shopping lists before the big rush!


Here are a few of our top sellers with some ideas on how they can elevate your business and get warm bodies in the door faster than you can say “50% off sale”.


Halloween Costumes Flutter FlagHallo-winning!


Why not have a costume party to kick off the days leading up to Halloween? Encourage everyone to don their most creative costumes to give everyone ideas for who or what they can be this year. Make it a proper party so no one feels out of place and offer prizes and rewards in the form of additional discounts for best dressed.


Or start a pinterest board with fun Halloween crafts, decoration ideas, and costumes.  Not only will this drive folks back to your website, it will also drive them into your store. Use it as leverage to gain followers on your Social Media networks, and get them in the door by offering an in-person discount for new online followers or ‘likes’.


Tell them they’ll know it’s you by the flutter flag.


Thanks-coming! appy Thanksgiving - Windless Flutter Flag


Regardless of what you sell in stores, you can still find a way to show your customer appreciation by giving thanks to shoppers with additional discounts. When they can feel you care and relate to their holiday stresses, you’ll form a bond that will keep them coming back season after season.


For example, are you an auto parts store? Give customers a break on their next tune up or tire rotation on account of their long upcoming drives to see family. Don’t be afraid to get creative– just like our windless advertising sails.


Christmas Sale - Windless Swooper Flutter FlagChrist-massive sales! 


Come December, folks will be in their usual mad dash to complete a myriad of holiday related to-dos. Buy the presents, get the food, update and clean the house, finalize travel plans, etc. To start, think of what you personally would find most helpful during the holiday rush. Once you’ve got it, merely create a sale around it. Everybody wins.

As they say, what goes around comes around. Making the season, merry, bright and as stress-free as possible for your customers will surely come back to reward you in the end. You may even get some hefty sales out of it too!

Metropolitan Display always honors same or next business day shipping with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Metropolitan Display sells a myriad of flutter flags, banner sales and many other devices that can successfully lead customers to your shop. We hope you’ll like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and be sure to add us to your Google+ circles!


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Life Size Signs Bring In Larger Than Life Results

It’s that time of the year. The time where Autumn greets us unexpectedly and the change of seasons is in the air. The weather starts to cool down and the wind brushes the leaves from the trees. With a new season upon us this week new sales and specials come to life.


Advertisements and displays come in all shapes and sizes but what better way to make an impression than with a life size sign?


The WindMaster Wind Flex signs at Metropolitan Display withstand outdoor weather and bend with the wind!


WindMaster Wind Flex Sidewalk Sign

This life size sign is the 18″ x 56″Insert Size Slim Rolling WindMaster Wind-Flex Sidewalk Sign. The sign stands vertically and sits tall for an eye catching appearance.


This sign is a best seller! The indoor and outdoor capabilities make it perfect for gas stations, parking garages, convenience stores, arenas, coffee shops and restaurants.


The double sided sign can be used on pavements, sidewalks, driveways, and entryways. If there’s traffic and potential customers just roll it over!


The inserts for the signs are easily accessible with snap-open side rails. The top of the signs are completely shut off and enclosed preventing moisture and rain water from entering the inside.


The price of this WindMaster Wind Flex sign is merely $239.99! It doesn’t take a lifelong savings to purchase this durable life size sign!


Extra Tall WindMaster Wind Flex Sidewalk Sign

With this 28″ x 67″ Insert Size Extra Tall Rolling WindMaster Wind-Flex  Sidewalk Sign it’s easy to take it up a notch!


The extra tall vertical sign can easily show full length models to accurately display clothing to retail shoppers. The word “Sale” can easily be placed at the top to reach over the crowds in malls with heavy holiday traffic!


The sign along with the base stands nearly 78″ tall. The rounded sides add style and also eliminate difficulties with corner points!


The base has built-in wheels that easily release when tilted and retract when placed back in an upright position! This allows for easy placement with a low risk of any accidental movement.  The base can also be weighted with liquid or sand for a sturdy holding both indoors and outdoors.


The extra tall rolling sign only costs $349.99. Metropolitan Display offers volume pricing, bulk shipping discounts and drop-shipping services on this sign too!


At Metropolitan Display we offer same or next business day shipping along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on nearly all items in shop. Get your holiday sale started off right and Fall into big sales!

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Banners and Posters Keep Your Brand at Eye Level

We live in a world where there’s an advertisement on every corner. Billboards fill the air, taxis drive by sporting the name of hot night clubs to visit and marquees post clever comments to lure you inside the business. It’s important to get your name out there and your brand image directed to the right audience. In a fast paced world sometimes it’s best to put your company at eye level view.


Posters and banners are two forms of advertising that are hard to miss. They’re able to be placed at eye level and with a high resolution photo they can grab your attention from across the room.


Metropolitan Display knows what top quality posters and banners are all about and print items to perfection.


Front loading Indoor poster

Indoor Poster Frame Display

This Indoor Super-Slim, Front Loading, Easy-Open Indoor Poster Frame Display is sleek and perfect for making a “wow” impression. The slim design and railing are perfect for both upscale and run-of-the-mill places. Whether it’s a poster for event, hospitality, retail or financial purposes this simple poster brings your message to the audience with ease and class.

The silver square frames are individually packaged and include backer panels and clear overlays. Hanging hardware is included for easy installation and spring-loaded sides allow for effortless front-loading image adjustments.

The poster frames can be bought at various sizes at a prices ranging from merely $32.99 to 75.99!

Horizontal A Frame Banner

Horizontal A-Frame Banner Stand Display

While posters are great for indoor installments sometimes it’s best to showcase your brand and message on a larger scale. While the poster is primarily for indoor venues this Horizontal A-Frame Banner Stand Display works great for both indoors and outdoors!

The horizontal banner reaches eight feet in length and is printed to perfection at Metropolitan Displays. The high resolution image can be designed by yourself or given to our graphic experts at a low cost!

This best selling banner is at ground level making it easy for people of all ages to see and recognize. It’s great for conferences, trade shows and even perfect to place in a yard for a Pumpkin Picking event this Autumn.

The best part is that Metropolitan Display sells the pieces separately or in a set. The A-frame stand can be purchased at $142.99, the replacement banner at $114.99 and for the stand and banner combo the price comes to $379.99!

Whether it’s a poster, banner or both, get your image in eye level of your audience. It’ll keep your message on their mind and leave them returning to your company for more!

Also, don’t forget Metropolitan Display has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy and honors same or next business day shipping!


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Double-Sided Curb Signs Bring Customers in From All Directions

Traffic. The word alone can bring awful words and thoughts to mind. However, when it’s used when talking about new customers and products flying off the shelf, eyes can widen and smiles can be seen from a distance.


While many people and businesses focus on billboards that cost a pretty penny there’s a more cost effective method to making a lasting impact with potential customers.


The versatile double-sided Signicade curb signs and weather welcoming wind signs can grab the attention of anyone in sight of the shop.


Signicade plastic A-frame curb

Graphic and Display for Signicade Display

The Signicade plastic A-frame curb sign is a great product to stick outside your shop. When 5 o’clock traffic rolls around and cars find themselves inching along their attention will be grabbed by the visual on this 24″ x 24″ frame.


This is a smaller version of the standard signicade sign but with enough vibrant visuals to turn heads.


This plastic Signicade A-frame curb sign features snap-off plugs that make it easy to fill with sand or water, handle for easy moving and hinges that lock into place for easy moving.


The stand alone comes at a price of $54.99 or can be shipped with two printed signs at $94.99!


Econo-Classic Signicade Plastic A-Frame Curb Sign


Image for Quick Change Curb SignThe Econo-Classic Signicade Plastic A-Frame Curb Sign comes with a 24″ x 36″ frame and a quick quick change feature. This sign is perfect for a daily deal special or if unique sales within the shop happen often.


Simply slide the store visuals in and pop them into place!


This sign has a built in stabilizing and weighed down brace. The stand alone sign comes to $54.99 but with two printed signs to fit the sign like a charm the price is $134.99!


The printing at Metropolitan Display is top quality and top-of-the-line! Each visual is imprinted using UV inks for a long lasting durable sign. They’re easy to care for and we have an art department that can help assist you in making the perfect visual for your store!


wind sign Some signs aren’t weather welcoming however with this Deluxe Plastic Wind Sign is hoping for a breeze to come its way!


This sign resists the winds up to 60 mph making for an eye-catching double sided effect!


The “Quick Change” feature allows business owners and employees to slide the signs in and out without having to use screws, hook and loops or adhesives. It’s easy to use and has high functionality in both rain or shine!


Metropolitan Display offers same or next business day shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Take this as a sign to buy a sign through our shop! You’ll bring in traffic and welcome the thought!



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Carry Your Shop to the Top with Quality Wire Shopping Baskets

Many people often go into a store on a mission. They have something in mind or a to-do list in their hand for items they plan on tossing in the trunk before the trek home. Sometimes there’s a goal of leaving with a few items and other times people stumble upon things that they’ve just got to have in the moment. In either case, they’re going to want something easy to grip for holding their products while shopping!


Shoppers are already burdened by choices. Questions such as size, color and versatility often grace the mind of someone about to put something into their basket. After all, there’s endless options when it comes to filling ones closet or refrigerator. Finding a basket should be the least of their worries.

Shopping Basket Rack


Metropolitan Display has recently taken on basket and basket racks by Universal Orlando. The wire mesh shopping basket stand fits easily along any wall or by any entrance door. Picking up a shopping basket is like a child picking up his gaming remote. Once the basket is in their hands the game is on; it’s time to shop!


The basket stand securely holds the mesh shopping baskets easily stacking 12 baskets at one given time!


The basket stand is going to need a top quality basket to hold and that can be found with the wire mesh shopping basket.

Wire mesh shopping baskets

Whether it’s groceries or garments the wire mesh shopping basket can hold it all. The basket comes in a variety of colors including black, blue, red and white. These common colors can easily match the theme of the store while maintaing a neutral color that doesn’t take away from the items in the shop.


The wire mesh shopping basket features folding vinyl grip handles. The superior construction make them hard to damage and the mesh frame allows for a lightweight feel to the hand.


The baskets can be purchased in a set of 12 for $149.99. However, the rack can be included for a total price of $182.88!


Place the baskets and the basket rack at the front of the store for accessibility and near the checkout lanes to keep the store orderly and uniform!


It’s easy to rack in sales when there’s a basket rack by the door. The easier a basket is to grab the more likely it’ll fill up beyond a single hands grip.


Metropolitan Display always honors same or next business day shipping with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Metropolitan Display sells baskets, racks and many other devices that can keep customers satisfied with your shop. We hope you’ll like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and be sure to add us to your Google+ circles!

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Get Your Store Display Ready For the Back to School Rush

It’s the time of year when to-do lists come out, the smell of Number Two pencils grace the air and the extra room in the closets after Spring cleaning become a thing of the past. Most kids want to show up to school in a new outfit and have a brand-new Fall and Winter wardrobe.


After all, they’ve probably grown an inch or two. Sometimes parents think it’s hard to keep up but with easy to browse clothing displays shopping for a sale is now simplified!


Rack in Sales Graphic NYC Garment RackIt’s often that a store can see changes in the layout. The design scheme can alter in appearance, store displays can change the flow of traffic through the shop, and a change in season can have inventory flooding every wall and table.


In these scenarios it’s often best to have a versatile work space which is when the NYC Garment Company Pipe Series Two-Way Ballet Rack can come to the rescue.


The Two-Way Ballet Rack can easily move throughout the shop putting the hottest new items or eye catching sale products in clear view to every customer. It’s also great for vintage shops or boutiques to place outside to grab the eye of that potential customer walking across the street!


The rack stands 64″ in height making it easy to show off a variety of items. Shirts, pants and dresses can easily hang from the rack without having to worry about creases from a fold.   The heavy duty plumbing pipe is in an anthracite grey finish and the rack includes four casters:  two locking,  two non-locking.


NYC Co Dress Form Graphic Just in case you’re looking for something more “fitting” then check out NYC Garment Co. dress forms.


The NYC Co. dress forms come in a variety of sizes for children. Dress forms come made for the average two, four-six, and eight-ten year olds.   The dress forms can line the display window, fit in the shop corner or line the walls.


Deck the displays out in layers for the Autumn season with ease. The neck base allows for accessories and jewelry to be displayed as well!


The display ships complete with Natural Wood neckblock and base. We offer same or next business day shipping and 100% satisfaction guaranteed on the above mentioned products too!


Hop into the new school and Fall season with a well designed store that makes people reach for the racks. The new quarter can have record sales with clothing displayed nicely in every corner.


Metropolitan Display has thought of everything to help you grow and make your establishment more visible! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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How to Effectively Use Colors to Promote Your Brand

Color-Emotion Guide- Metropolitan Display

Glance around and more than likely your eyes will quickly land on a host of various colors. Color makes up our world, effects our mood and influences our decisions on everything from the food we eat to the products we buy to the clothes we wear.


What starts out as white light from a central source such as the sun then gets bounced off  and absorbed by different objects. Those that get reflected have different wavelengths which our eyes interpret as different colors. The longest of which being red, the shortest of which being violet. 


But what does this mean for your brand? 


Whether you’re in the middle of designing a new logo or brainstorming for your next wildly successful advertising campaign, knowing which colors to use, which to avoid, and which pairings will help you generate the highest return for your initial investment, is the best way to steer your creative team. 


Play your colors right and your company could very well end up with the next ‘Coca Cola Red’ or ‘Whole Foods Green’ and immortalize your brand with the hue of your choice!  


What Colors Are Really Saying


Offer red shopping carts to your retail customers!Aside from the primary emotion a color evokes, what other message are you potentially sending by using a particular color? Here’s a short overview of how three primary colors and the color psychology behind them:




Red is a passionate, bold color which evokes subconscious thoughts associated with blood and love and has been a staple of global brands such as CNN, Target and Coca Cola. Its energetic undertones and ability to jump to the foreground are also perfect when you want to encourage customers to act quickly. We’re such big proponents of the hue, we even use it as as the foundation of our very own branding! 

 Antiques Economy Size Flutter Flag



According to one study, more than 57% of the men polled sited blue as their favorite color. Perhaps this is because it tends to denote authority and strength. If you want to impart characteristics such as trust, calmness, and wisdom, this is the hue for you. Perhaps you’re a consultant looking to build your presence, or a budding technology company attempting to get a foothold on your chosen market, blue may be just the reassurance your customers need to pick up the phone can call. 





 Yellow is undoubtedly the joyful, cheery color of the bunch. It’s often associated with food and sunshine, ie: things that make us happy! It’s a clear standout in most advertisements, just be sure not to overuse it as it can also evoke a slight anxiety (think of warning signs which incorporate the hue). Wind Spinner Sidewalk Sign Frame


Signage: Many of our signage products can be custom printed to your specifications, and strong design elements such as color are easy to include. Custom-printed flutter flags, banners, and A-frame sign inserts are just a few of the display advertising products that can be customized. Our full color printed inserts for our Windmaster signs are another way to add a touch of color to your advertising lineup.


Metropolitan Display carries all the retail product displays you need to make your displays—and the color—pop! We hope you’ll bookmark our blog to stay on top of new products and display tips.


Be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn and add us to your circles on Google+!


Image Source: The Logo Company


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Flutter Flags Bring in Cool Rewards in the Summer Heat!

Driving down the road in the heat of Summer can cause one to see things. Sometimes the road becomes so hot and the sun so bright that mirages can beam off the gravel roads and surrounding areas. Drivers and onlookers will be sure to rub their eyes twice at the cool deals waving their direction with Summer geared Flutter Flags!


AC Checker Flutter Flag

August is typically one of the hottest months in the year. Metropolitan Display’s AC Service Checker  and Cool Deals Flutter Flags are impossible to miss with their bright colors and fun graphics. Each Flutter Flag can be purchased along with a heavy gauge aluminum pole to reach up to 16′ in height. Along with the ground washer the pole is able to move freely in the wind! The flags comes single sided with vibrant colors on both ends! The height along with a Summer breeze can wave most anyone right into your company driveway. Bringing in new customers is literally a breeze!


Summer deals can often be lost in newspaper ads and pricy radio advertisements. The last thing you want to do is have your money go to waste. With Flutter Flags the attention is grabbed instantly and a huge benefit is that the potential customer is right in front of your shop!


Both the AC Service Checker and Cool Deals Flutter Flags are 100% dyed-through. The bright colors are guaranteed to withstand the elements of weather and have a long life cycle. Other forms of advertisement may come with a weekly, monthly or annual fee. With Flutter Flags there’s a one time purchase and they can be used in years to come!

Cool Deals Flutter Flag


Auto, AC and Appliance shops are just a few companies that can benefit from Summer geared Flutter Flags. People are looking to cool down and find cool deals. Flutter Flags can be placed alongside the road, near the shop’s advertising marquee, or throughout the parking lot to keep the attention pointed in the right direction!


Come browse our inventory for sweet, Summer deals. We’ve recently lowered our prices on inventory stock and Metropolitan Display always honors bulk and drop-shipping.  It’s not too late to end the quarter with record sales. Order today and we’ll honor same or next day business shipping! The sooner you purchase the sooner you’ll be flagging down new and old customers.


Metropolitan Display has thought of everything to help you grow and make your establishment more visible! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.







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