Get Your Store Display Ready For the Back to School Rush

It’s the time of year when to-do lists come out, the smell of Number Two pencils grace the air and the extra room in the closets after Spring cleaning become a thing of the past. Most kids want to show up to school in a new outfit and have a brand-new Fall and Winter wardrobe.


After all, they’ve probably grown an inch or two. Sometimes parents think it’s hard to keep up but with easy to browse clothing displays shopping for a sale is now simplified!


Rack in Sales Graphic NYC Garment RackIt’s often that a store can see changes in the layout. The design scheme can alter in appearance, store displays can change the flow of traffic through the shop, and a change in season can have inventory flooding every wall and table.


In these scenarios it’s often best to have a versatile work space which is when the NYC Garment Company Pipe Series Two-Way Ballet Rack can come to the rescue.


The Two-Way Ballet Rack can easily move throughout the shop putting the hottest new items or eye catching sale products in clear view to every customer. It’s also great for vintage shops or boutiques to place outside to grab the eye of that potential customer walking across the street!


The rack stands 64″ in height making it easy to show off a variety of items. Shirts, pants and dresses can easily hang from the rack without having to worry about creases from a fold.   The heavy duty plumbing pipe is in an anthracite grey finish and the rack includes four casters:  two locking,  two non-locking.


NYC Co Dress Form Graphic Just in case you’re looking for something more “fitting” then check out NYC Garment Co. dress forms.


The NYC Co. dress forms come in a variety of sizes for children. Dress forms come made for the average two, four-six, and eight-ten year olds.   The dress forms can line the display window, fit in the shop corner or line the walls.


Deck the displays out in layers for the Autumn season with ease. The neck base allows for accessories and jewelry to be displayed as well!


The display ships complete with Natural Wood neckblock and base. We offer same or next business day shipping and 100% satisfaction guaranteed on the above mentioned products too!


Hop into the new school and Fall season with a well designed store that makes people reach for the racks. The new quarter can have record sales with clothing displayed nicely in every corner.


Metropolitan Display has thought of everything to help you grow and make your establishment more visible! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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How to Effectively Use Colors to Promote Your Brand

Color-Emotion Guide- Metropolitan Display

Glance around and more than likely your eyes will quickly land on a host of various colors. Color makes up our world, effects our mood and influences our decisions on everything from the food we eat to the products we buy to the clothes we wear.


What starts out as white light from a central source such as the sun then gets bounced off  and absorbed by different objects. Those that get reflected have different wavelengths which our eyes interpret as different colors. The longest of which being red, the shortest of which being violet. 


But what does this mean for your brand? 


Whether you’re in the middle of designing a new logo or brainstorming for your next wildly successful advertising campaign, knowing which colors to use, which to avoid, and which pairings will help you generate the highest return for your initial investment, is the best way to steer your creative team. 


Play your colors right and your company could very well end up with the next ‘Coca Cola Red’ or ‘Whole Foods Green’ and immortalize your brand with the hue of your choice!  


What Colors Are Really Saying


Offer red shopping carts to your retail customers!Aside from the primary emotion a color evokes, what other message are you potentially sending by using a particular color? Here’s a short overview of how three primary colors and the color psychology behind them:




Red is a passionate, bold color which evokes subconscious thoughts associated with blood and love and has been a staple of global brands such as CNN, Target and Coca Cola. Its energetic undertones and ability to jump to the foreground are also perfect when you want to encourage customers to act quickly. We’re such big proponents of the hue, we even use it as as the foundation of our very own branding! 

 Antiques Economy Size Flutter Flag



According to one study, more than 57% of the men polled sited blue as their favorite color. Perhaps this is because it tends to denote authority and strength. If you want to impart characteristics such as trust, calmness, and wisdom, this is the hue for you. Perhaps you’re a consultant looking to build your presence, or a budding technology company attempting to get a foothold on your chosen market, blue may be just the reassurance your customers need to pick up the phone can call. 





 Yellow is undoubtedly the joyful, cheery color of the bunch. It’s often associated with food and sunshine, ie: things that make us happy! It’s a clear standout in most advertisements, just be sure not to overuse it as it can also evoke a slight anxiety (think of warning signs which incorporate the hue). Wind Spinner Sidewalk Sign Frame


Signage: Many of our signage products can be custom printed to your specifications, and strong design elements such as color are easy to include. Custom-printed flutter flags, banners, and A-frame sign inserts are just a few of the display advertising products that can be customized. Our full color printed inserts for our Windmaster signs are another way to add a touch of color to your advertising lineup.


Metropolitan Display carries all the retail product displays you need to make your displays—and the color—pop! We hope you’ll bookmark our blog to stay on top of new products and display tips.


Be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn and add us to your circles on Google+!


Image Source: The Logo Company


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Flutter Flags Bring in Cool Rewards in the Summer Heat!

Driving down the road in the heat of Summer can cause one to see things. Sometimes the road becomes so hot and the sun so bright that mirages can beam off the gravel roads and surrounding areas. Drivers and onlookers will be sure to rub their eyes twice at the cool deals waving their direction with Summer geared Flutter Flags!


AC Checker Flutter Flag

August is typically one of the hottest months in the year. Metropolitan Display’s AC Service Checker  and Cool Deals Flutter Flags are impossible to miss with their bright colors and fun graphics. Each Flutter Flag can be purchased along with a heavy gauge aluminum pole to reach up to 16′ in height. Along with the ground washer the pole is able to move freely in the wind! The flags comes single sided with vibrant colors on both ends! The height along with a Summer breeze can wave most anyone right into your company driveway. Bringing in new customers is literally a breeze!


Summer deals can often be lost in newspaper ads and pricy radio advertisements. The last thing you want to do is have your money go to waste. With Flutter Flags the attention is grabbed instantly and a huge benefit is that the potential customer is right in front of your shop!


Both the AC Service Checker and Cool Deals Flutter Flags are 100% dyed-through. The bright colors are guaranteed to withstand the elements of weather and have a long life cycle. Other forms of advertisement may come with a weekly, monthly or annual fee. With Flutter Flags there’s a one time purchase and they can be used in years to come!

Cool Deals Flutter Flag


Auto, AC and Appliance shops are just a few companies that can benefit from Summer geared Flutter Flags. People are looking to cool down and find cool deals. Flutter Flags can be placed alongside the road, near the shop’s advertising marquee, or throughout the parking lot to keep the attention pointed in the right direction!


Come browse our inventory for sweet, Summer deals. We’ve recently lowered our prices on inventory stock and Metropolitan Display always honors bulk and drop-shipping.  It’s not too late to end the quarter with record sales. Order today and we’ll honor same or next day business shipping! The sooner you purchase the sooner you’ll be flagging down new and old customers.


Metropolitan Display has thought of everything to help you grow and make your establishment more visible! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.







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How to Get your Business Noticed with Flutter Flags!

What would it be worth to your bottom line if you could ensure that customers walking the strip or driving in their car noticed your store? How much more money would you make if at a festival or in a mall your store stood out above the hundreds of others along side it?


While we can’t help you make the actual sale, we can help make sure your brand gets noticed.


But how can we make such a claim knowing nothing about your business? Because we’ve got a secret weapon that has helped thousands of companies all the way from The Gap and Yahoo all the way to your local mom and pop shop make themselves super visible.


Our wildly popular collection of Flutter Flags, also known as Swooper Flags, Feather Flags, Flying Banners, Bowflags and Wind Blades, make it a breeze to promote your brand with or without…well, a breeze!


Flutterflags Marketing Displays

We have a massive collection which spans a number of industries, holidays and situations perfectly suited your business. And! We’ve just upgraded our current inventory stock to include hundreds of new titles. Truly something for everyone.


To go along with our new and improved selection, we also carry a new Windless Design that lets your brand stand tall with or without the help of gusty wind patterns to keep it afloat. Now, even if the weather is unpredictable, your sales don’t have to be.


On their own, our fade resistant advertising banners stand at 11.5 feet. Add in our heavy gauge aluminum poles and these advertising giants tower at just over 16 feet tall. But don’t let that intimidate you. Thanks to our new smaller, economy flag kits, set up and take down are easier than ever! And you don’t have to worry about the mounting system looking unsightly or ruining the aesthetic of your cleverly designed flag either. We’ve engineered the hardware so that it remains completely hidden from sight.


But what about the flags themselves you ask?


Well, the Knit Polyester Banner/Flag is 100% dyed-through, printed single-sided (with the back side reversed) which means the colors start off bright and stay that way over the course of their long life.


As if we even needed to sweeten the deal any more, we’ve recently lowered our prices on our inventory stock! No excuses, visit our Flutter Flag page and start perusing today!


We also offer same or net day shipping so you can get your new Flutter Flag fast! Metropolitan Display has thought of everything to help you grow and make your establishment more visible! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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What Marketers Can Learn From Clear Channel’s Smart Billboards

Last Wednesday, Fast Company published an article which takes a closer look at Clear Channel Outdoor’s new smart billboards. Not only do these advertisements come with the same bright colors, hi-res photos and witty copy as their counterparts, they also interact with with NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR (Quick Response) codes which can communicate with the public’s smart phones.


The high-tech billboards, which first emerged in cities across Europe, have now broken into major U.S. and Canadian markets in 29 different cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and many other large metropolitan areas. But you don’t need to have a Disney or Google sized advertising budget to make your advertising campaigns effective. Here are a few fundamentals from this campaign you can put into practice for yourself when planning an outdoor advertising plan.


Eraseable Sidewalk A-Frame Sign


1. Immediately Engage your Customers


Whether you do this with your flawless, easily recognizable branding, brilliant copy or eye catching imagery, it’s important that passersby are instantly pulled in. Don’t have a QR code? No problem. Make your advertisement so compelling or funny that they stop to take a picture of it and share a laugh with their friends.


2. Placement Matters


Why spend your hard fought for marketing dollars on a billboard or marketing display that no one is going to see. When you can, look at the logistics of where your signage will be placed. Think of areas which have a lot of foot traffic. These street-level placements generally do well in places where there’s a constant barrage of people including shopping malls, hotels, and public transit stations.


3. Know Your Market


Just by having a firm grasp on the local demographic in your community, you can then parse out what individual market you want to penetrate. This will help ensure you are engaging the right kinds of groups who will be most interested in your product.


4. Drive Them to Your Website


Since most phones come enabled with 4G and 3G services, if you can catch their attention early on and make a case for why they need your product or service, you will have an easier time driving them back to your website, where, hopefully, they’ll be compelled to get more information, if not buy right then!


Again, while advertising dollars certainly matter, the goal is always to work smarter, not harder.


Metropolitan Display has everything you need to ensure your next campaign is a raging success. We hope you’ll like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and be sure to add us to your Google+ circles!


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Looking to Unveil An Advertising Campaign This Summer? Check Out These Marketing Displays!

Much of the states experienced an unseasonable blast of cool air late last week. But despite the brief thrust back into the grip of a rare polar vortex, temperatures are again heating up, reminding us that summer is far from over.


Which is actually a good thing since traditionally slow summer months can be the perfect opportunity for your business to get a jump on their marketing efforts, especially as holiday campaigns like Halloween start to kick off earlier and earlier. If you’ve got a summer advertising campaign in the works you’re going to need some help making sure your marketing collateral isn’t ruined by the elements.


Here are our top Marketing Displays that are durable enough to help you beat the heat and keep selling strong!


Eraseable Sidewalk A-Frame Sign1. Classic Sidewalk A-Frame Sign


These steel A-frame sidewalk signs are the perfect outdoor compliment, especially during unpredictable weather. They are colorful enough not to get washed out in the sun, but weather resistant enough they won’t be effected by heavy rains, and the easy write-on/wipe-off surface makes it a cinch to change your specials daily. 


2. Swinger Cartop Sign


Whether you have a fleet of company vehicles or a contract with a local cab company, getting your Cartop Sign- Metropolitan Displaymessage noticed by thousands of commuters sitting in rush hour traffic is easy with these cartop signs. Its contemporary design and gentle swinging motion make it visible from almost any angle. They’re also constructed from rustproof technopolymers that are stable enough to withstand extremely windy conditions.


3. Supreme Outdoor Event Barrier Banner Display


Got a seasonal stand or food trailer? It’s summer so everyone’s naturally outside soaking up the sun. Grab passersby with a bright banner display- they won’t be able to miss it! It starts with a skeleton of PVC pipes so they’re guaranteed never to rust. It also packs down in seconds, so at the end of the day when you’re closing up Outdoor Banner Displaysyou never have to worry about it being damaged in the night. Simply fold up into the included carry case, so it’s as portable as your trailer or stand! 


4. Clear Overlays for Outdoor Poster Frames


After you’ve shelled out hundreds of dollars for a copywriter, designer, and printer, the last thing you want is to see your beautiful collateral damaged in any way. These clear overlays are a perfect fix! They’re inexpensive enough that you can theoretically by as many as you want– plaster the whole neighborhood if you like!


So what are you waiting for? The Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas holiday downhill slide will be upon us before you know it. Why not use the next few weeks to get a head of the curve?


Metropolitan Display has thought of everything to help you grow and make your establishment more visible! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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5 Apps Marketing and Advertising Professionals Should Get

While we tend to prefer the solid, tangible types of advertising you can hold in your hands (read: signage) we can’t deny that there are a lot of really great advertising tools out there that reside in the digital space. Like with most things nowadays, there are some really fantastic apps out there which can make an advertisers job so much easier.


We should mention that when we say ‘advertiser’ we are casting a wide net. As with most small businesses we are fully aware that shop owners often where multiple hats. Chef, barista, bookkeeper, saleswoman, and marketer all rolled into one.


Whether you use an iPhone, Android, tablet, or other device, these five apps are sure to help when planning your next marketing or advertising campaign– no matter the dollar amount.


1) Evernote


Especially for small business owners, your store, restaurant or coffee shop is your life! Be honest- how many nights a week have you laid awake thinking about your to-do list or next campaign idea? Or perhaps strokes of genius frequently come while you’re getting off the bus or out to dinner with your sweetie, what happens then? With Evernote, you can save yourself the pain of forgetting your next brilliant idea. You know, the one that’s going to ultimately make you independently wealthy. It’s made for on the go thoughts as they strike.


2) Trello


Trello is like to-do lists who’ve had a few espressos. It’s a collaboration tool in which each person on your team has their own individual “board”. There, tasks are listed by what each person has to do, tasks that are currently in progress, and completed tasks. Each team member can also assign tasks to one another and prioritize deadlines. Tracking your progress on a certain task is also a cinch with their built in checklists.


3) GoDocs


Have you ever taken a day off, perhaps to rest up from illness, only to have someone from the office call in a panic, asking you for a document they can’t find in their email? GoDocs will help put out any potential fires since it lets you sort and view your documents based on the latest version. It’s also a cinch to upload them from your mobile device. Think GoogleDocs with more bells and whistles.


4) Zerys


Sometimes to get people in your store, you have to find them where they are…mostly online. To do that, content marketing efforts such as blogging are king. But not everyone has time to sit down a write everyday, or even every week. Enter Zerys app. All you have to do is post a topic and suggested title to get a list of writers who might be interested in helping you write pieces of content for your blog. Once they send in a draft, you can request edits, reject all together, or post as-is. Not great at thinking of titles based? Don’t worry, there’s a function to help you with that too.

5) GoToMeeting


Who among us hasn’t taken a meeting on the go…or at least wished they could! GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar mobile app makes tele-meeting easy. You can see and hear the presenter’s all from your cell phone. Your schedule just got a lot more free– and full.


And with that, we have some signs to make. Do you have an app that helps make your advertising and marketing projects easier? Tell us about it!


We’re always available for consultations. Contact us at: 800.899.0015 anytime. You can also find us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn and add us to your circles on Google+!

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How to Make your Christmas in July Sale a Hit With Merchandise Displays!


Even if you have a team of people to help you, changing up your showroom floor month after month can be difficult- and we don’t just mean the physical labor. Keeping displays fresh, unique and interesting takes creativity, planning and effective execution. The more display merchandising solutions and eye catching marketing displays you have the better.


By offering your customers an unexpected sale- say a Christmas in July sale- you are more likely to stand out from your competition. After all, who wouldn’t be curious to see a bright red and green sale promotion in the heat of summer?


One popular option when getting organized for this kind of sale is a grid panel display. They allow you to fully unleash your creativity by supporting an endless array of display combinations. These unique displays can stand unattached on your showroom floor, or can be easily integrated into your current set up with wall mounts.


They are especially perfect when you’re looking to sell large quantities of merchandise since you can quickly change out the display components and add additional merchandise. Particularly handy when you begin unloading your sale stock in droves. Configure to meet your personal needs, but don’t waste manpower doing it. These grid panels are easily enough that one person can set up and take down a display.


Discount Tower Grid Panel DisplaysWith your choice of 3 or 4-sided wire display panels an endless combination of towers, triangles, gondolas, wall mounts, etc can be easily set up and maintained.  Whether you’re looking to hang hats, organize jewelry, or fold clothes in baskets, there are a wide range of accessories and peripherals that will help you ensure all your merchandise is as visually appealing and as easy to sort through as possible.


Additional Display Options


Having a rolling rack outside your store is another great way to attract passersby. By having a small sample of your most heavily marked down clothes on fully display, you are sure to pique their curiosity. Once they see how reasonable the prices are, they’ll be even more likely to venture in and see the full selection.


Folding Rollable Salesman's Garment RackWe recommend this Folding Single Rail Rolling Salesman’s Garment Rack!


It’s so easy to put together you might never guess that it’s strong enough to withstand up to 250 lbs. Once the sale is over, collapse it and store in a car trunk or a closet to save space until your next sale. 


By keeping sale merchandise organized and continually cycling in additional products your Christmas in July sale can be the perfect way to pick up business in the summer months.


Keep in mind that Metropolitan Display offers discount pricing on all our grid panel displays and garment racks as well as the other display products we sell.


Are you on Social Media? Us too! We invite you to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.


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Four Patrioric Banner Sails to Really Draw A Crowd This July

Even though team U.S.A may have conceded to Belgium in the World Cup last night, it doesn’t mean your patriotic spirits should be dampened. There are so many things to celebrate during the month of July, it’s time to let those stars and stripes loose!


We’ve got some ideas to ensure that July is the best sales month of the whole summer. Take a look at these four Advertising Banner Sails and let your mind wander. These are only the beginning.


4th of July Sale Flutter FlagSummer Sale!


Christmas in July and 4th of July sales are hugely popular this time of year. Between the thousands of tourists who are wandering the globe on extended holidays and the sun drenched locals who are spend-happy from all that extra vitamin D, advertising a mid-year sale is a great idea.


It’s also the time of year that children are shacked up with their grandparents, giving mom and dad a break while they are out of school. And everyone knows grandparents are the best ‘back to school’ shopping partners! Giving them a sale lets everyone get a head start on buying clothes for the new school year.



Fireworks!Fireworks Banner Sail


Almost nothing draws a crowd like fireworks. But first, you have to know where to get them! Since most stands are roadside, you need to give drivers ample warning so they can stop in time to fill up their trunk with sparklers, black cats and bottle rockets.


What’s even better is that these flutter flag banner sails are durable enough to leave up throughout the year. Keep it up even after you’ve closed up shop this season, that way, folks will know where to go next year!


For the Love of Your Country!


You don’t even need a reason to show that you’re proud of your country, but after yesterday’s loss, it’s a sensitive time. Show your 16' Tall Banner Sailcustomers your true patriotic colors and fly one of these flutter flags outside the shop. At the very least, it’ll set you apart from your neighbors.


Happy 4th of July! 


Being in season is always in fashion. By wishing anyone who walks past your store a Happy 4th of July you’re already making a connection. With everyone in good spirits enjoying the company of family and friends, they are much more likely to spend- at least in the days leading up to the 4th. This timely advertising sale is also a friendly way to let people know why you’re closed without leaving a bad taste in their mouths.


If you like what you see, keep in mind we have flutter flags to take you through every season of the year! The fun doesn’t have to stop once you flip your calendar to August!


We hope your 4th of July is full of fireworks, hot dogs and loved ones. Happy Birthday America!Happy 4th of July Eagle Flutter Flag


Metropolitan Display sells discount mannequins and forms as well as many retail display products. We hope you’ll like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and be sure to add us to your Google+ circles!

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Marketing Lessons We Learned Watching the World Cup

Soccer, or football as its known in many parts of the world, has been a popular pastime since the 2nd and 3rd centuries with roots tracing back to ancient China. Today the sport remains huge the world over, with FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) raking in an estimated $700 million annually.


Like the Olympics, the international competition happens in a different city once every four years. Kick off at the 2014 FIFA World CupTM began June 12th in Brazil. Whether you’re rooting for your favorite team in the confines of your home or with a large group at your local watering hole, the game’s energy is almost infectious. Even non-sports fans come out of the works for this one.



World Cup Marketing Tips- Metropolitan Display


In the end, the team that claims the trophy will do so based on their hours of practice, meticulous preparation, and expertly executed strategy. The same can be said of the World Cup’s many sponsors and companies turning a profit with their effective advertising campaigns. After all, when the world is watching you have to bring your A-game.


So what are some examples and best practices you can implement into your next marketing campaign? While this list is by no means exhaustive, here are a few of our favorites:


1. Start where people are already talking: Social media.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are abuzz with FIFA’s “Social Stadium”. It’s all World Cup all the time.


But just how big can social media engagement around the World Cup? Well, a lot. Just four hashtags command about 350 thousand tweets everyday. What’s even cooler is the way FIFA has connected with multilingual users via Twitter accounts in several different languages including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Arabic.


It’s a global world, and not everyone in it speaks English. What are your biggest markets outside of the U.S.?


2. Your Brand is only a piece of it. Engage, engage, engage. 


Let’s take sports apparel brand Adidas, for example.  Listed as one of FIFA’s official partners, the company has been supplying the official match ball since 1970. They tapped into a very passionate audience and effectively engaged fans the world over by asking fans to vote on the ball’s name. In total, over 1 million people weighed in.

Using social media contests such as this one are a great way to involve your following and allow their voices to be heard- something most people crave.


3. Be creative, and insert yourself into the mix. 


You don’t have to be a FIFA partner to get your brand in front of the global stage.While Adidas may have it easier since they are directly on the field, other, more unexpected companies also find a way to connect to the game.


Be it a play on words where you link your brand to the match, or a celebrity endorsement from a player, there are many ways to capitalize.


Never thought about doing a global marketing campaign? Now’s a great time to start- the world is watching! Sit this one out and you’ll be waiting another four years. Get in the game!


Did you know we offer top-tier design services for all your Marketing Displays? Visit the Artwork Info section on our website to learn more! Be sure to add us to your circles on Google+ and connect with us on LinkedIn.


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