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Best Uses For Our New Collection of Windless Stay-Open Flutter / Swooper Flags

Ever gotten so excited to fly a kite, only to find the winds aren’t in your favor? While none of us can control or even predict the weather you don’t have to be at its beck and call when you want to advertise your business.   Unlike traditional standard flags which fold in on themselves […]

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Ban on Plastic Bags? Stock Up On Reusable Value Expo Totes!

Some figures suggest as much as 90% of the 380 billion discarded plastic bags we use each year in the U.S. end up in landfills instead of being recycled. Thankfully, some progressive cities such as San Francisco, Portland and Austin have banned the use of plastic bags entirely in stores. In several other countries around […]

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Spring Has Sprung! Take Full Advantage With A-frame Signs

Ding dong the winter’s gone! After a punishing season and polar vortex which held much of the U.S. hostage for several months, the weather is finally starting to cooperate, and folks couldn’t be more thrilled with the sunnier conditions.Vitamin D deprived pedestrians are anxious to hit the streets and soak in some rays.   Do […]

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The Versatility of Easel Stands and Art Tree Presentation Stands!

Easel stands and art tree presentation stands help place your business products or services in front of your target customers. They give you the very best bang for your advertising display buck. An easel is completely versatile to use in every situation from a huge storefront to a small booth type display. The economical and […]

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Must-Have Tips on How to Use Shoe Fitting Displays

In order to showcase your shoe inventory to its best advantage, you need the highest quality, flexible display pieces. In the fiercely competitive shoe market, you want customers to feel comfortable and welcome visiting your store and also to present your inventory in attractive and enticing ways.   Inviting Displays   The background you create […]

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The Best Ways To Use Mannequins and Forms In Your Retail Store

When you have an amazing product, you need an eye catching display. Your merchandise should make people want to stop and imagine how great a piece of clothing or an accessory would look on them. Metropolitan Display’s mannequins and forms help you show your products in the very best light to help you sell more! […]

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Spring Sales Tips For Using Grid Panel Displays

You’ve discovered the perfect location to open your new business, but what’s your advertising plan? You’ve even found a partner that will provide a free design service by providing a rough blueprint of your space. But when you receive that blueprint, it contains some product display items you’ll need to purchase.   Enter Grid Panel […]

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Invest in Sidewalk and Curb Signs for Spring Sales!

Need portable signage that will fit a variety of applications? Metropolitan Display has the right product for every situation. And, our A-frame signs are some of the most versatile on the market.   Signicades, A-Frame, Sidewalk and Curb Signs!   Retailers and trade show exhibitors sometimes call these signs A-frame signs, sidewalk signs, curb signs, […]

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The Power of Brochure Holders, Pedestal Stands and Catalog Holders

Want powerful, eye catching and easy to use advertising tools to place your message directly into your targeted consumer’s hands. Metropolitan Display makes it easy with our brochure holders, pedestal stands and catalog holders.   Pedestal Stands   Take for example our formal insert angled frame pedestal stands. At a convenient height of 37 inches, […]

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Get Ready for Spring Fashion Shows with Salesman Garment Racks

It’s time for flowers, better weather and spring fashion and trade shows to begin. Metropolitan Display has the products you need to help you stand out above your competitors and attract more people to your exhibit or booth space. Whether you will be exhibiting at trade shows, fashion fairs or need extra garment racks for […]

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