3 Display Advertising Tips Small Businesses Must Not Ignore!

3 Display Advertising Tips for Small Business OwnersAdvertising is a key part of any businesses’ marketing strategy, but small businesses with limited budgets typically have to be more creative in their planning and purchases so they can squeeze the highest return on investment (ROI) from every penny they invest. Here are three tips for creating powerful advertising messages to encourage more people to buy your products and services.


Creating Compelling Messages


Focus on one main benefit for the customer, especially if you are using a display-marketing product with limited space for an advertising message such as signs, easels or banners. Your message must tell and/or show customers what the benefit to them is for buying your product or service. Pair an urgent message with an actionable call to purchase for a winning ad strategy for converting prospects to customers.


Marketing messages are the appetizer, not the main entree. Offer your prospects and customers tantalizing tidbits of information, but keep them coming back for more. Uncluttered, easy to read advertising products pay for themselves many times over in initial and repeat sales.


Crafting Convincing Calls to Action


How to use a call to actionOffering discounts or incentives is one of the best ways to entice people to buy your goods, and an easy way to create effective display advertising calls to action. The best calls to action encourage people to buy immediately, and offering an incentive or discount for purchases is an excellent way to motivate individuals to buy rather than procrastinate. Remember, most ads fail to get the results you want because advertisers fail to ask for a buying decision.


How can you measure your results to calculate your ROI? Try offering the same discount or incentive in a variety of ways. For instance, order two or three flutter flags or flying banner sails advertising a 20 percent discount, and two or three others advertising $5 off any $25 purchase. Both offer the same discount but in different terms. Once you know which is more effective, you can invest more of your advertising budget into similar campaigns.


Format for Maximum Impact


Once you have created your marketing message, think about the design and layout of your display-marketing piece. Use vivid colors with lots of white space and a clean, easy to read font for best results.


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Graphics, logos and images are good ways to convey powerful messages without relying on wordy text, and images are useful for helping customers make an emotional connection with your advertising message. For branding purposes, maintain consistency across your advertising pieces by using the same logo, colors and fonts on all promotional materials.


Whether you choose to implement some or all of these advertising tips, simply making some changes to current marketing strategies is bound to generate some positive results.


What ways have you found to get the most from your display advertising products? What techniques just did not work for your product or service?


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