4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Signage

4 Reasons why your business needs indoor and outdoor signageWhen it comes to getting your business noticed, if signage – both indoor and outdoor – is not part of your advertising plan, you are not working with a complete marketing vision for growing your customer base and increasing your profitability. Here are some ideas on how adding signage to your marketing mix will furnish maximum visibility for your brand or service and help potential buyers and established customers remember your business better.


1. Pays for Itself


Dollar for dollar, signage is one of the most cost effective ways of advertising products and services. Unlike many other types of costly advertising media such as radio or television spots, which have limited visibility in narrowly defined time slots, you can choose to have as few or as many signs as necessary to advertise, and you can place them almost anywhere you want (depending on local restrictions in your area).


Another benefit of signage is you can start with just a few carefully placed signs and add more over time as your sales increase and your advertising budget grows.


2. Attract More Customers


Poster and wall murals for your business interiorsBecause signage is available in such a wide range of options such as flutter flags and sail sign banners, portable or stationary signs, indoor or outdoor models and so on, they expose your product or goods to a wider audience than many other types of advertising. Signs are highly visible and can be positioned for best exposure to any potential prospect whether on foot or in a vehicle. They are always at work promoting your business so you have time to take care of other aspects of running your company.


3. Complements Other Advertising Programs


Because they are so inexpensive, signs are the perfect vehicle for reinforcing the messaging of your other advertising programs. They are a low cost way to introduce new product lines or announce new locations and provide extra exposure for any other advertising you might do for such product or new territory launches.


4. Improves Your Brand Image


Sidewalk and curbside stands to reel in foot trafficWhat affect does it have on your bottom line if your customers cannot locate your business? A sign outside your business not only helps your clients and potential buyers find you, it also helps establish your reputation and credibility as a reliable, trustworthy company.


Speaking of image, what type of message does a dirty, outdated or worn out sign send to your potential clientele? If any of your existing signage is in need of repair or replacement, now is the right time to looking at making an investment in some new indoor or outdoor signage.


Metropolitan Display and our sister store Metropolitan Graphics has all the business signage products you need to stand out from your competitors and help you sell more!


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