4 Reasons Why Your Church Needs Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage for Churches and NonprofitsWhether you are heading up a new congregation or an established congregation, you might be wondering if outdoor signage would be a benefit to your organization. Here are four reasons you might not have considered about the advantages of using signs to advertise your church or house of worship.


Communication Center


Outdoor signage is one of the most cost effective ways of communicating with the passing public, whether they are pedestrians or in vehicles. Outdoor signs offer high visibility and can serve as an important communication center for your church or house of worship.


For example, you can use your outdoor signs to make the community aware of special events such as seasonal cantatas or special worship service or important outreach programs such as children’s ministry groups or bible studies.


Changeable message boards, sidewalk signs and swinger signs are excellent ways to get your message out to the community. The messages can be changed quickly and easily and the signs are manufactured to stand up to the extremes of wind and weather.




Changeable Message Signs for Churches and NonprofitsHave you ever heard the saying, “You may be the only Bible some people will ever read?” The same statement could apply to the sign outside your church. Posting thoughtfully prepared messages that attract and entice people to visit your church is a good first step, and helps your church make a good first impression.


Reinforce Your Image in the Community


What does your church property say about your church when your congregation isn’t there? Are the parking lots clean and tidy, the grounds well maintained, and the appearance of the buildings and other structures neat and inviting? Just as a prospective home seller takes special care to make sure his or her property has excellent curb appeal, you need to be aware of the impression your church makes on a daily basis.


If yours is a new congregation, outdoor signs are a great way to introduce your church to your community neighbors. Established congregations can benefit from outdoor signage as well by using signs to increase awareness of their community service efforts, new programs or personnel changes such as new pastors or other staff members.


Teaching Tool


Outdoor bulletin board signs for ChurchesWhile a sign outside a church may not seem like your traditional teaching resource, properly used, these huge, highly visible communication devices furnish a perfect pulpit. Use them to display quotations from famous theologians or inspiring Bible quotations. Be unique and avoid clich├ęs such as “seven days without prayer makes one weak.” Did your pastor say something profound in his or her weekly message? Condense it down to a single point and display it. Who know who might benefit from their words of wisdom?


Do’s and Don’ts


While there are many benefits to be gained from promoting your church or house of worship with outdoor signage, there are a few rules to follow and pitfalls to avoid.


Make sure your messages are clear and understandable to everyone – not just your congregation. Avoid any denominational terminology that outsiders would not understand.


Custom printed banners for churches and nonprofitsMake sure your theology is sound. Check and double-check chapter and verse of any Bible scriptures that are posted. It is easy to make a mistake, but that could be the very thing that turns off a visitor or passerby.


Unfortunately, outdoor signage is not equipped with spellcheck. Have several people proofread any new text that is posted on signs, banners or flags and then check the sign periodically.


Be creative and clever but be careful when being cute. Alliteration, rhymes and cheesy sayings may not appeal to the wider demographic you are hoping to attract.


Metropolitan Display and our sister store Metropolitan Graphics has all the outdoor signage you need for your church or nonprofit organization. Ask us how we can help – It’s easy to contact us!


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