5 Must-Have Accessories for Outdoor Trade Shows and Exhibitions

5 Must Have Product DisplaysRay Kroc of McDonald’s once said, “Early to bed, early to rise, advertise, advertise, advertise.” The phenomenal success of the McDonald’s brand is proof he knew how to market his brand effectively. Therefore, before you pack up your goods and head off for the next round of trade shows and exhibitions, make sure you’ve planned your advertising strategy for each event.


Advertising can be your best salesperson or your worst enemy, depending on how it is planned and implemented. Done properly, it builds brand name recognition, catches the attention of passersby, and edges out your competition.


Do your signage, displays, tent and even your table covers convey a clear, consistent message? When you complement your signage with the right types of displays and custom imprinted table covers, you enhance your message and increase the effectiveness of your tradeshow marketing.


Let’s look at some must-have display marketing products that get your message across better and gives you years of effective marketing for a low upfront cost.


Pop-Up Tents


Discount popup tents for trade shows, expos and conferencesPopup tents are the most popular tent style with most exhibitors because they are lightweight yet durable and easy to set up and take down. Because they are so compact in design, shipping or transporting them is inexpensive and easy.


Most are available either imprinted or unimprinted, but if you want to make your presentation the best it can be, you’ll want to invest the extra money to have your advertising or brand message imprinted on the tent. Think of it as a pop-up billboard, and it’s easy to see the value of having your bigger than life commercial in front of all the attendees eyes.


Pop-Up Displays


Discount pop-up displays and banner standsWhile there are lots of display designs and options from which to choose, it’s hard to beat pop-up displays for visual impact combined with user-friendly features. Another nice feature of popup displays is the way they break up the sameness and monotony of a booth or display area.


Just like pop-up tents, these displays are ready and projecting your marketing message in just minutes, and they are easily broken down and stored away after the event is over.




Get 10% off all banner stands for expos, trade shows and advertisingHanging banner stands and flutter flags are visible from almost any angle or vantage point so they are always a good choice for making your booth more appealing and telling your story in a multitude of different ways. Use them as focal points to lead customers and prospects to your tent and piggyback on their drawing power with strategically placed smaller signs, displays or pedestal sign holders.


Catalog and Literature Holders


Discount acrylic brochure holders for product displaysDepending on the type and style of displays you are using, you can opt for catalog and literature holders to place on tabletops. However, if table space is limited or needs to be reserved for your displays, you might want to choose pedestal style holders for your important literature and catalogs.


Table Covers


How many times have you cruised by your competitor’s booths at an event looking for ideas on how to create a great looking tradeshow booth? Booths with custom imprinted table covers probably attracted your attention faster than those with plain tablecloths, didn’t they? Custom imprinted table covers make your message a real attention getter and multiple the Discount display table cloths and coversoverall reach and effectiveness of your advertising campaign.


The nice thing about these must-have tradeshow accessories is they are affordable in price, low maintenance in upkeep, and require no special skills to put up or take down. Used separately, any one of these is an effective, stand-alone marketing vehicle, but by combining them, you can create a powerhouse-advertising tool for any tradeshow or exhibition.


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