7 Often Ignored Benefits of Car Top Changeable Message Signs

Discount Car Topper SignsCar top changeable message signs are cost-effective outdoor advertising products that go anywhere a vehicle can travel to deliver your marketing message to people as they shop, commute, relax, work and worship. As a unique alternative to other traditional forms of outdoor advertising, they offer many benefits such as:


High Visibility

Car toppers can be positioned side-to-side or front to back, and you can change the sign’s orientation quickly when needed. Because the signs are elevated, drivers, passengers and pedestrians easily see them, and the use of double-sided signs increases the reach of your advertising messages. In fact, these changeable message signs are visible from the distance of half a city block (about 200 feet away from the sign’s physical location).


Mobility and Audience Targeting


Today’s world is increasingly mobile so it makes sense to be able to move your advertising message around town as your vehicles move so you increase your reach and penetration. By using this type of geographic targeting, if you want to increase your local market share in a particular residential or commercial area, you can schedule vehicles with car toppers to travel through that area more frequently. When there is a need for the vehicles to be parked, position them in parking lots in highly concentrated areas such as malls or other densely populated areas so your advertising message gets maximum exposure.


Captive Audience


Discount Roadside Banner StandsSpeaking of audience targeting, consider this. Your mobile car top sign is playing to a captive audience. After all, drivers and passengers can’t get out of the car (in most cases), move at will, or turn off your advertising message like they can do with other forms of broadcast advertising such as radio or television ads.


Hassle Free and Low Maintenance


Car top signs attach and release easily, and the eye-catching advertising messages can be changed in a matter of minutes. These weather resistant signs feature rubber feet so they will not damage the roofs of your vehicles.


Additionally, the flexibility and easy-change feature of these signs allow you to respond quickly to market conditions to offer special promotions, overstock and clearance opportunities, or even advertise special events such as trunk shows or clinics and workshops.


Constant Exposure


Think of the benefit to your company or brand of having your advertising messages on display around the clock. Wherever the vehicle is, there is your commercial being displayed to an ever-changing audience of potential new customers.




Lettering Kits for Car Top SignsMany types of advertising are sold based on how many “impressions” the campaign can deliver. Car top signs are one of the most affordable ways for businesses of any size to generate a high number of impressions for a low costs Compared to the costs for advertising in print or on the radio or television, an outdoor advertising campaign based on car top signs can be cost effective for even the smallest business.




While car top signs are effective as stand-alone outdoor ads, they can be combined with other forms of advertising to provide reinforcement of a core message or commercial. This versatility means you can choose to invest as much or as little as you choose into these signs, or you can start with one or two signs and add more as your advertising budget grows.


It’s easy to be tempted to invest advertising dollars in massive ad campaigns or on traditional advertising products such as billboards or print or broadcast ads. However, dollar for dollar, you might be surprised to find you can get a higher ROI from a lesser-used form of advertising such as car top changeable message signs. The funds you free up can then be used to re-invest in your inventory, research and development or new products and services.


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