Combine Billboard Advertising With Other Visual Marketing Displays

Car Top signs great visual marketing displaysOutdoor signage such as billboards offer many advantages, especially to advertisers that want to invest in long-term advertising campaigns. These benefits include, but are not limited to:


Guaranteed visibility: It’s pretty hard to ignore those larger-than-life graphics and text messages, isn’t it?

More exposure on a daily basis: Sign locations are chosen based on the numbers of impressions (individuals passing by the sign), which means advertisers can tailor the marketing campaigns to reach the largest pool of prospects.

Targeted placement of advertising messages: Signs can be positioned to reach target markets according to specific demographics such as ethnicity, gender or other criteria. This gives advertisers increased visibility to hard to reach audiences.

Cost-competitive: Typically, outdoor signage is one of the most cost effective ways of advertising.


However, more and more municipalities are adopting strict signage ordinances, which can make it difficult for a business to take advantage of the benefits of billboard advertising. Of course there are many legal ways to reap the benefits of outdoor advertising without running the risk of violating signage restrictions.


Buy digital banners onlineIn addition, billboard advertising can be expensive but again, there are some marketing visual displays you can combine with your billboard ad to reap the most benefits.


Printed Vinyl Banners


Printed vinyl banners with grommets can be attached to a car, truck or van and used as mobile billboards outside a storefront or wherever the vehicle is parked. They are quick and simple to put up and take down, so you can choose to run short or long-term marketing campaigns that are designed around the needs of your business. They are also a perfect, low-cost way to run seasonal campaigns, promote special offers and discounts, or introduce new products and services.


These banners are designed for commercial use and crafted from high-quality materials to withstand even the extreme weather without fading or tearing. Choose from three different sizes: 2′x6′, 3′x8′, or 4′x10′, and use your own designs or allow our experts to custom design a banner to your specifications.


Swinger Car Topper Signs and Sidewalk Signs


Buy sidewalk and A-frame signs onlineAnother way to leverage the power of outdoor signage is with changeable rooftop messages signs installed on the tops of vehicles. These can be used in conjunction with printed vinyl banners to increase the visibility and reach of advertising messages or as stand-alone, mobile advertisements.


These signs are always ready when you are and can be conveniently stored in a small amount of space when not in use. They feature easy portability, and there is no easier way to get your advertising message in front of thousands of prospects.¬†Swinger car topper signs have a generous 18″x32″ sign face, which allows you to display up to three lines of advertising copy. They look good and work hard, and you can change your advertising message in mere minutes.


Sidewalk signs, A-frame signs and signicades are also a good choice to enhance billboard advertising. Whether you choose the changeable message type or buy A-frame signs with custom printed inserts, make sure you align your ad message to your billboard advertisement to achieve the best results.


If you want to experience all the benefits of outdoor advertising with none of the legislative hassles, consider adding some of these versatile display advertising products to your marketing mix today.


Metropolitan Display and its sister company, Metropolitan Graphics offers both swinger car top signs and digital banners so it’s easy to complement your billboard ads with these visual marketing displays.


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