Promote Sale Items With Holiday Banner Stand Displays

Center pole holiday banner standsIf you want to make your holiday sale items stand out with brilliant splashes of color, consider investing in some banner stand displays and custom designed banners. In addition to high visibility color, you can draw on the power of carefully chosen graphics and text to give your holiday marketing messages that extra impact.


At Metropolitan Display, we pride ourselves on offering banner stand displays that earn superior marks for construction and durability. They excel in durability and eye appeal to give your advertisements a look of importance and professionalism.


Banner Display Options


Jumbo and large format banner stand displays for the HolidaysCenter Pole: Opt for center pole banner displays when you need a sturdy, durable stand for posting holiday and seasonal banners in lobbies and storefronts or at tradeshows and exhibitions. The banners camouflage the center poles, and potential customers view the banners as single or double-sided advertisements. Choose from a classic center pole or the compact, counter top version depending on the available floor space.


Double-sided: Do you want more advertising exposure for your dollar investment? If so, select double-sided banner displays, which allow your prospects to see your advertising message from any vantage point. Choose from indoor or outdoor models depending on your marketing campaign strategy and needs.


Floor Stand: Floor standing banner displays attract attention and add visual appeal to your storefront, tradeshow booth, or other areas of display. Easy to assemble and disassemble, you can move them to various locations to maximum your advertising coverage.


Holiday retractable banner stand displaysJumbo and Large Format: Opt for jumbo and large format banner displays when you want to create a wow effect with larger than life graphics and text. Tall jumbo displays stand a regal 10 feet tall and proclaim your marketing message boldly even when viewed from a distance. Wide jumbo displays are available in five, six or eight foot widths and create dramatic effects for extra attention to your promotional messages. Both are built for commercial use and offer years of service. Large format banner displays are available in four or eight foot widths for indoor or outdoor signage needs. These high visibility signs are crafted for years of use and feature top-of-the-line high quality construction and durability.


Retractable: Retractable banner displays are an easy way to update your seasonal promotions and holiday messages instantly. Banner changes are quick and simple, and extraction and retraction is possible in mere seconds.


Wood: If you are looking for an easy way to green a portion of your business, consider adding some environmentally friendly bamboo display stands to your store fixture inventory. These handsome displays complement any business environment, while sending a subtle message about your endorsement of sustainable practices.


Maximum Durability


Holiday wood and bamboo banner stand displaysOur entire inventory of banner displays feature perfectly weighted, heavy flat bases to keep the stands stable. Set-up and break down is quick and easy, and all the necessary hardware is included. These banner displays require little to no maintenance and available in a wide range of colors, styles and materials.


Peripheral Services


Design your own banner or have one custom created by our design staff to your exact specifications. We pride ourselves on our high-resolution printing technology, which produces high quality, custom printed banners.


Now that you’re armed with information to help you dress up your holiday sales items with banner stand displays and custom designed banners, let Metropolitan Display guide you on which models are best for your retail store or space. We can help you customize your stands and banners to include essential information that will lead customers right to your holiday sale items.


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