How to Harness the Power of Indoor Advertising for Your Business or Brand

The top three benefits of indoor advertising are low costs, high recall rates, and targeted markets. Implementing an indoor marketing campaign is much less expensive than launching a broadcast or print media blitz. You can customize your sales messages to match any target market such as gender, age group, ethnicity, zip code or shopping habits.


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Because potential customers are viewing your advertisements in an environment where they are less likely to be distracted by other promotional messages, they remember and retain the information for longer.


Best of all, you have the excellent opportunity to engage your customers when they are likely to be in a buying mode and ready to make a purchase. In fact, a report from TNS Canadian Facts found viewing indoor advertisements encouraged approximately 63 percent of consumers to take further action such as purchasing a product or visiting a website.


Three Indoor Advertising Solutions to Consider


Indoor Bulletin Holder DisplaysScrolling message signs are one of the hottest trends in indoor advertising because of their ergonomic footprint and high visual appeal. Messages can be updated quickly and frequently, which allows you to fine-tune them to your target markets or inventory levels. They are user-friendly, affordable and appeal to today’s technology oriented consumer.


Bulletin holders, poster frames, and poster stands are another good option for highlighting your adverts inside your business. They come in a wide range of styles, materials and sizes to fit any budget. They are portable so they can be located to best advantage, and their high quality construction assures you of years of service.


Pedestal sign stands make an excellent first impression on customers because of their curvilinear design and attractive appearance and are the perfect advertising solution for hotel and motel lobbies or for displaying restaurant menus or retail store directories.


Who Benefits from Indoor Advertisements?


Discount Poster Frames for Advertising and BrandingThe list of the types of businesses that benefit from indoor advertising can literally go from a: airports to z: zoos. Whether you want to leverage the captive audience in the common areas of your hotels and motels or the waiting rooms in your medical facilities, there are many cost effective ways to harness the potential of indoor advertising for your company or brand.


Here are a few of the many kinds of businesses that utilize this advertising vehicle to reach targeted demographics with their marketing messages:


Health and fitness clubs


Nightclubs and sports bars






Schools and universities


Theatres and convention center


Bonus Benefit: Integrates With Other Advertising Products


The flexibility of indoor advertising makes it a perfect companion for supporting or enhancing other types of advertising. For instance, an indoor ad could contain information about websites, Facebook pages or Twitter feeds or used to display QR codes for customers to scan with their mobile devices. Regardless of the size of your business or advertising budget, it might be time to take a closer look at indoor advertising to see if it is the right fit for your marketing mix.


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OMAC – Key Strategic Advantages of Indoor Advertising


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