How to Use Display Advertising to Grow Your Business

Display Advertising TipsToday’s marketplace is highly competitive no matter what product or service you offer. Smart business owners understand it is important to include display advertising as a part of their marketing mix. Display advertising is a targeted approach to:


Controlling who sees your ads (targeting the right demographics)


Matching advertising campaigns to budget constraints


Positioning goods and services in front of hungry consumers


Converting leads to sales


While online advertising, print and broadcast media are valuable components of a good marketing mix, display advertising allows you to tell your story to the right groups of prospects. To get the best results from your advertising campaign, analyze your customer data to identify the three to five most profitable demographic groups and decipher their purchasing habits.


Discount Z-RacksOnce you know which types of customers and prospective customers bring in the highest profit, you can tailor a targeted display advertising campaign to attract those types of prospects and convert them to buyers while influencing your regular customers to buy more of the products and services they already like and use.


Let’s look at two different scenarios of how this could work:


Scenario A: The owner of an upscale boutique discovers his most profitable sales are coming from young professional women who want to look sharp, make an impression, and move up the corporate ladder faster. He invests in sturdy Z-racks and several extra mannequins to display high-end suits and coordinated outfits on the sidewalk outside his retail location. Flutter flags and easels signs touting a 10% professional discount complement these visual displays and sales soar.


Discount  mannequins and formsScenario B: After analyzing her customer base data, a restaurateur learns breakfast, coffee and tea, and to-go items are her profit center staples. She invests in banners for advertising these items and a changeable message board to promote daily breakfast and to-go specials and discounts. Her increased profits more than offset the small price of purchasing these advertising products.


The beauty of display advertising is the wide range of options from which to choose, and the longevity of the products. When newspapers and magazines are discarded, the usefulness of the print ads they contain is ended, and while radio and television ads are high impact and visual, unless you have deep pockets, it is hard to sustain a media campaign for extended periods. Banners, flags, signs and other types of outdoor and indoor display advertising work hard to promote your business or brand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because they cannot be turned off, switched to another channel, discarded or used to wrap garbage.


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