Is Your Display Advertising Dressed for Success?

Is your display advertising dressed for successFor most, the term “dressed for success” and the works of author John T. Molloy are irrevocably linked. However, what many people may not know is Molloy developed his dressing for success concept based on government-funded research he conducted on the connection between how the clothing worn by educators affected their clout and influence. Molloy proved image does matter and built a successful consulting business on the dressing for success model.


Did you know image is just as important in the advertising arena as it is in other aspects of business practices and policies? Many times, potential customers see or hear a company’s advertising messages long before they make a buying decision or otherwise engage with the business. First impressions count, so it’s imperative your advertising is clothed in the best possible image for success. Here is what you need to know.


What Message Do You Want Your Advertising to Convey?


Discount Grid Panel Lip ShelvesAll businesses want to portray an image of professionalism and competence to their target audiences and loyal customers. Attention to detail is a guaranteed way to ensure success in this area. Advertising copy must free of typos, misspellings and poor grammar or sentence structure.


It is more cost effective to hire a professional copy editor to catch mistakes that might slip through the cracks than it is to make errors. Such carelessness could lead customers and prospects to decide a company was sloppy or did not care about its products or services.


How’s Your Grooming?


Discount LED SignsWe aren’t talking about the grooming of your sales or executive staff; how do your advertisements and display advertising products look? LED signs with burnt-out bulbs, erasable signs with missing or smeary letters, and soiled and threadbare display table covers can torpedo an image in seconds. Repair or replace them immediately to freshen up your corporate image.


Is It Time for a Tune-up?


Discount Fabric Curved Pop-Up DisplaysAre you still using your original pop-up displays or tradeshow booth exhibits? If you’ve only been in business for a year or so, recycling these advertising products might not make a difference, especially if they are well maintained. However, if you’ve been in business for decades (or maybe centuries), it’s definitely time to re-evaluate your display advertising products and update or replace them as needed.


Is Your Advertising Cluttered or Distracting?


Even the latest and greatest advertising product can fail to deliver a return on investment if it is not used appropriately. After all, just because a changeable message signs comes standard with about 314 letters does not mean you should use them all at the same time.


Advertising copy should be designed to complement the advertising medium; for instance, messages for LED signs should be much shorter than advertising copy for a full paper magazine or newspaper ad. Use graphics to attract the eye, keep fonts simple and limited to one or two styles, and make messages concise and clear to avoid distraction.


Taking a few minutes, hours or even days to analyze the image of your advertising is an easy way to reward yourself with new business, better retention and satisfaction of your customer base, and an enhanced brand image. Follow the tips here and your advertising will be dressed for success – every day.


At Metropolitan Display we carry all the display advertising products you need to keep you looking fresh, trendy and above all—engaging.


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