Outdoor Advertising Ideas: Two Must-Have Signs That Pay High Dividends

A Frame banner stand displays outdoorOutdoor signage is a highly effective advertising vehicle offering 24/7 exposure to a captive audience. After all, potential customers cannot turn it off, throw it away, or switch to another channel as they can with print, radio or television commercial advertising. It is available in good or bad weather and done effectively, it is hard to ignore.


Today’s consumer is accustomed to receiving information in tiny bits – think sound bites and tweets – and outdoor signage is an interactive, innovative way to deliver concise bites of information about goods and services to targeted demographics. In fact, you can see examples of these types of short advertising messages displayed on cars, trucks, buses and even trains as businesses and organizations go mobile with their messages.


However, as good as outdoor advertising is, you may not have the funds to sign a contract for billboard advertising, which typically runs about $1000 to $3000 per month on a 6- or 12-month contract or even one for smaller outdoor display signs, which can also be cost prohibitive. How does a company with a limited advertising budget take advantage of the power and impact of outdoor advertising without busting their budget?


Outdoor Banner Stands


Two sided banner stand displays for outdoorsOne way is to utilize creative, inexpensive display marketing products such as outdoor banner stand displays. Unlike stationary outdoor signage options, these display-advertising tools can be used indoors or outdoors, which means you get more bang for your advertising buck.


Because they are portable, you are not limited to just using them for advertising at a physical location. If need be, you can quickly pack them up and take them to tradeshows and other events so you never have any interruption in your advertising cycle.


Depending on the amount of square footage available, you can choose from a compact four-foot wide or eight-foot wide single- or double-sided A-frame sign. These lightweight signs assemble and break down easily and are cost effective to ship to event locations. They provide affordable ground level display advertising for retail establishments, restaurants, sports teams and schools as well as many other types of businesses and organizations.


Outdoor Banner Displays


Outdoor retractable banner stand displaysMake your message a real attention-getter with high-visibility, high-impact outdoor banner displays that can been seen from a wide range of angles and viewpoints. Order a single-sided sign if you are on a tight budget or increase the exposure and reach of your message with a double-sided sign to catch the eyes of people passing by whether they are coming or going. Just like banner stands, these display advertising products are simple to put up and take down and inexpensive and easy to transport.


Advertising is an effective sales tool, but it works best when it is combined with an effective overall marketing strategy that positions your product properly and it targeted to the right market demographic. Advertising works best when used repetitively and consistently, and display-marketing products like banner stands and banner displays are affordable ways to get the highest return on your advertising dollars investment while presenting your message time after time.


Cheap banner stand displays


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