Yes, There Are So Many Types of Banner Stands!

Discount Retractable Banners Stands in All SizesThe banner stand is one of the most effective marketing devices when you are active on the trade show circuit. Even if you keep it local with hotel exhibitions and fair booths, these stands are enormously successful at generating interest and drawing attendees to your location. Knowing the different types of banner stands that you might add to your setup is therefore crucial.


Retractable Banner Stands


Among the most popular choices is the retractable stand. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and accommodates standard banners measures 33 inches in width and 79 inches in height. If you prefer to add narrower versions to your lineup, choose a stand that accommodates a 24-inch by 80-inch display. Jumbo versions let you display banners as tall as 122 inches and as wide as 47 inches.


Pole Stands


Discount Center Pole Banner StandsWhereas the retractable banner stand lets you store the canvas rolled up inside the base, the center pole banner stand is designed to have banners clipped to the top. You store them separately. Since these stands can be height adjusted, you can easily change heights from 48 inches to 92 inches. You have the option of displaying banners with a width of up to 36 inches. A weighted base keeps the pole stand in place.




The X-type tripod uses tension to keep your banner taut. When you choose bamboo wood, you combine an environmentally friendly material with the sturdy nature of this particular wood. These banner stands can pull double duty and function at trade shows as well as restaurants and smaller venues.


Single vs. Dual Display Stands


Discount Double Sided Banner StandsPay close attention to the mechanics of the stand. Some accommodate dual displays, which allow you to present your marketing message in both directions. Single-sided displays only let you communicate in one direction. The back is blank. Although these are great for displays that you intend to place in front of walls, you are oftentimes better served by investing in hardware that lets you choose to do either type of display if you are on a very tight budget.


Tabletop Stands


Discount Table Top Banner StandsTable banners are quickly becoming a hot commodity at trade shows. When space is at a premium and you run the risk of obscuring booth displays with large banners, go for the table displays instead. Usually, these stands are made of lightweight aluminum and accommodate banners measuring 11.69 inches by 15.64 inches.


If the sheer volume of different types of banner stands is a bit confusing to you, it’s easy to contact us. The friendly experts at Metropolitan Display gladly discuss your banner display needs with you and help you decide between the available options.


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