5 Tips to Get Customers Into Your Retail Store

How to Get Foot Traffic Into Your StoreIf you own a retail store of any size, you need foot traffic in order to sell your products. With consumers more wise about where they are spending their disposable income dollars you need to gain an edge over your competitors and reel customers in. The following five tips will help drive traffic and interest.


1. Are You Online?


We don’t mean do you sell online (and good for you’re already doing so). We mean, does your retail store have an online presence? Do you have a Facebook and Twitter page? Are you pinning products to Pinterest?


Beyond these free social media venues, you should also have a LinkedIn business page and a Google+ business page.  With so many people on the Internet, one of the quickest ways to reach them is via social media—and it’s free.


2. Offer a Product Demo or Workshop


Discount Display TablesYou can gain interest in your products if you hold product demonstrations and workshops where consumers can see, feel and touch your products.


Make the demo or workshop enjoyable by offering plenty of seating, refreshments and wrap it up with a Q&A session. Make sure you have great display tables and plenty of brochures for people to take with them after they leave.


Another helpful aid is to offer a drawing for a chance to win a product and hold the drawing after the demo or workshop.


3. One-Day Sales


Signicades for retail storesHolding a one-day super sale may sound old-fashioned but the word “sale” grabs the attention of every consumer.


Be sure to advertise your sale to get the most foot traffic to your retail store. Metropolitan display also offers may ways to announce your one-day sale such as changeable message signs and signicades.


Bulletin holders are also great ways to advertise the big event and throughout the month of February 2013, all of our bulletin holders are 10% off (just use promo code STAND10 at checkout).


4. Attractive and Appealing Displays


Grid Panel DisplaysNothing turns shoppers off more than displays that are too close together or shelves stacked so tightly they can’t find what they want.


Recently, we offered a great post on how to make your retail space shine and not only will you find some great ideas, you’ll also find a link to retail space floor plan software to help you design your displays to engage shoppers.


You’ll also learn how to make the most of your space by taking advantage of wall space with grid panel displays and separate product areas with poster frames.


5. Stay In Contact With Customers


Discount Business PrintingFollowing-up with customers and staying in contact with them does drive sales. Do this by obtaining email addresses and sending out coupons, newsletters and upcoming information about store happenings.


Think of this scenario. You have a customer come in and while they like a certain product, they need to think it over or just aren’t ready to buy. If you don’t stay in touch with them and drop the ball, they will forget about you, feel your customer service is poor and buy the product from another retailer.


Make sure you have plenty of promotional materials for customers to take with them and Metropolitan Display can help with all your business printing needs; where you’ll always save up to 25%!


Successful Selling


Using these top five tips to get customers into your retail store do work and we are always ready to help your retail space and displays shine with our deeply discounted display products.


Be sure to bookmark our blog as we often provide retail selling tips and find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


Image Credit Pixomar / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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