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Illuminated LED Signs- Such a ‘Bright’ Idea!

Did you know April is Earth month? Since its beginning in 1970, celebration and awareness of the energy we consume and its effects on our planet has spread around the world. What started as a collection of 20 million Americans on one day in late April has grown to an month-long awareness campaign recognized by […]

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Is Your Display Advertising Dressed for Success?

For most, the term “dressed for success” and the works of author John T. Molloy are irrevocably linked. However, what many people may not know is Molloy developed his dressing for success concept based on government-funded research he conducted on the connection between how the clothing worn by educators affected their clout and influence. Molloy […]

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Why Digital Signage Is a Hot Advertising Trend

Digital signage is a hot trend in display advertising these days because it enables businesses and brands to differentiate their products and goods from other vendors by adding an interactive aspect to advertisements. Today’s consumers are conditioned to receive and to process information in bite-sized chunks, and digital signs are the perfect delivery systems for […]

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Use Scrolling Message Signs to Promote Products or Brands

Do you use scrolling message signs in your business? If not, you may be missing out on a powerful advertising medium. Scrolling messages signs offer a high level of interactive visual attractiveness with their dynamic rotating content.   They deliver more advertising and promotional messages than many other types of display advertising products because they […]

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What Can You Do With Electronic Displays and Changeable Message Signs?

Most sales of electronic displays or changeable messages signs are based on the buyer’s expectation of garnering effective display-advertising results, and these advertising products deliver on that promise. However, have you ever wondered if you could use your electronic messengers for reasons other than on-site, off-premise or street signage?   As it turns out, many […]

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