What Marketers Can Learn From Clear Channel’s Smart Billboards

Last Wednesday, Fast Company published an article which takes a closer look at Clear Channel Outdoor’s new smart billboards. Not only do these advertisements come with the same bright colors, hi-res photos and witty copy as their counterparts, they also interact with with NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR (Quick Response) codes which can communicate with the public’s smart phones.


The high-tech billboards, which first emerged in cities across Europe, have now broken into major U.S. and Canadian markets in 29 different cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and many other large metropolitan areas. But you don’t need to have a Disney or Google sized advertising budget to make your advertising campaigns effective. Here are a few fundamentals from this campaign you can put into practice for yourself when planning an outdoor advertising plan.


Eraseable Sidewalk A-Frame Sign


1. Immediately Engage your Customers


Whether you do this with your flawless, easily recognizable branding, brilliant copy or eye catching imagery, it’s important that passersby are instantly pulled in. Don’t have a QR code? No problem. Make your advertisement so compelling or funny that they stop to take a picture of it and share a laugh with their friends.


2. Placement Matters


Why spend your hard fought for marketing dollars on a billboard or marketing display that no one is going to see. When you can, look at the logistics of where your signage will be placed. Think of areas which have a lot of foot traffic. These street-level placements generally do well in places where there’s a constant barrage of people including shopping malls, hotels, and public transit stations.


3. Know Your Market


Just by having a firm grasp on the local demographic in your community, you can then parse out what individual market you want to penetrate. This will help ensure you are engaging the right kinds of groups who will be most interested in your product.


4. Drive Them to Your Website


Since most phones come enabled with 4G and 3G services, if you can catch their attention early on and make a case for why they need your product or service, you will have an easier time driving them back to your website, where, hopefully, they’ll be compelled to get more information, if not buy right then!


Again, while advertising dollars certainly matter, the goal is always to work smarter, not harder.


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