3 Types of Outdoor Advertising Every Business Should Consider

3 Must-Use Outdoor Advertising IdeasOutdoor advertising offers many benefits over other types of advertising such as online display ads, mobile ads or even email marketing. Why is that? Consumers become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of solicitation emails and pop-up ads assaulting their senses on the Internet or the annoying interruption of commercials on broadcast media and simply tune these messages out.


Outdoor advertising, on the other hand, operates in a venue where people are less likely to be distracted and more prone to notice and process advertising messages. They cannot delete them, turn off them or switch to another channel, so marketing campaigns have greater chances of success.


While there are many advantages to mounting an outdoor advertising campaign, which display advertising products give the best return on your investment? Here is a guide to three types of outdoor advertising that can benefit businesses of any size or budget.


Moveable Displays


Discount Outdoor Banner StandsFrom car topper signs to curb and sidewalk signs, moveable display advertising products are a smart way to target a particular market segment and capture a larger share of the sales.  They can be located in geographically strategic positions to work around the clock promoting your goods and services. Whether potential customers are walking or driving by, your advertising message stands a better chance of being read and remembered when they are in a buying mode.


The key benefits of mobile displays are affordability and flexibility. You can purchase as many or as few as needed, and the advertising messages can be updated frequently and easily to suit the dictates of your business. Upkeep is low maintenance, and the high-quality construction means your investments will resist weather extremes to give many years of service.


Window Displays


Discount mannequins and formsWhile you may not consider window displays as a traditional type of outdoor advertising, think about it for a moment. The purpose for window displays is to attract the eyes of passersby. That makes your window displays as much a part of your outdoor advertising campaign as a building mural, banners and signage, or outside wall art would be.


The key to making window displays effective is to keep them fresh and updated frequently. For example, if mannequins are a part of the window dressing, update the fashions often to be in step with the latest styles on the runaways and fashion shows.


Alternatively, table displays are attention-grabbing window dressing treatments, so if your table covers are showing some wear, update them with new covers so you can promote seasonal specials with pride.


Flags and Banners


Discount Outdoor Banner Stand DisplaysFlutter flags, flying banner sails, sail sign banners, and banner stand displays are just a few of the low-cost, high-value types of display advertising from which to choose. These advertising vehicles offer high visibility even from a distance, and they can be strategically located in areas where other types of outdoor signage are prohibited or tightly regulated. Useful for promoting special events or offers, overstock, special purchase or seasonal discounts or encouraging brand and name recognition, flags and banners are the perfect fit for any advertising budget.


Outdoor advertising is the perfect companion to other types of advertising and helps increase your reach and frequency of impressions. With so many options from which to choose, why not add some outdoor display advertising products to your marketing mix today?


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