4 Offline Marketing Ideas To Add To Your Marketing Mix

4 Offline Marketing Ideas for RetailersOnline marketing is a good way to reach today’s upscale, technology savvy consumers, but many companies make the mistake of investing most of their time and advertising money into online strategies, while ignoring the benefits of offline marketing. The smartest marketers know it takes a carefully balanced mix of online and offline marketing to give them the highest return on investment for their advertising dollars.


Tradeshows and Networking Groups


Discount Tradeshow tables and table coversBooths at tradeshows and exhibits at networking groups give any size business the opportunity to meet new clients and reinforce their company image with current clients. Accessorize booths and exhibitions with display advertising products like tables, table covers or displays to put your best foot forward and draw people toward your display rather than competitors. Look for products that can be customized with your brand name or logo or brand colors to make your advertising more effective.


Mobile Advertising


Advertise with discount car top signsWhether you own a company fleet of vehicles, one delivery truck, or the vehicle you use to travel to and from work, you have the makings of a mobile advertisement. Car top signs are a low-cost way to communicate marketing messages and an ideal vehicle for promoting online marketing campaigns. Change messages as often as desired, and installation is easy and requires no special skills or abilities.




The sky is literally the limit when it comes to outdoor signage because of the wide variety of options such as window signs and LED signs to roadside signs to flutter flags and flying banner sails. Opt for items that can be custom printed so you can include any online information.


Benefits of Offline Marketing


Discount custom printed flying banner sailsIf you have not done much offline marketing for your business, you may be wondering if it is wise investment. After all, what’s in it for you? Here are four of the most common benefits businesses reap from their offline marketing efforts:


1. Complements Online Marketing

Offline advertising enhances online marketing in many ways. For instance, many companies use offline ads to lead customers to Facebook pages or Twitter or Pinterest feeds. Including QR codes in offline advertisements is a clever way to take consumers directly to a website.


2. Builds Credibility


Discount sidewalk and curbside standsOffline marketing can do wonders for building or increasing customer confidence, especially if it ties offline advertising efforts to a physical location or storefront. Sidewalk and curbside signs are an inexpensive way to promote products and services while encouraging new customers to do business.


3. Increases Reach


Blending online and offline marketing strategies is a way to reach different demographics. This exposes brands or products to customers that might otherwise be missed.


4. Drives Website Traffic


Discount wind spinner signsAs mentioned earlier, QR codes are an easy way to lead customers and potential clients directly to online sites. However, offline advertising products can be utilized in many different ways to create more traffic to a website. More traffic equals more profits and gives a better ROI on marketing efforts. Conversely, the opposite effect is created and more traffic is driven to physical locations and brick and mortar stores by promoting offline locations on online sites.


Designing the right marketing mix for today’s marketplace can be challenging. By including more offline marketing products in your advertising mix, you could increase your sales and profitability.


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