6 Display Advertising Products Our Customers Love (And You Will, Too!)

7 Must-Have Product Advertising DisplaysWhat do sports teams, government agencies, donut shops and automobile dealerships have in common? While these businesses probably share many threads of commonality, the one thread we’d like to discuss today is their love of six of our most popular display advertising products.


Acrylic Brochure Holders


Discount Acrylic Brochure Display HoldersWhether you own a small, medium or large business, you’ll appreciate the marketing potential of display advertising tools such as acrylic brochure and literature holders. Customize our stock items with your logo or brand name, or allow us create one from scratch to your specifications.


Pair them with bulletin or poster sign holders as a powerful point of purchase display advertising vehicle. These brochure holders stand on their own merits, but combined with indoor poster frames and other advertising products, they deliver a high return on investment.


Flutter Flags


Discount Flutter FlagsFlutter flags are one of the most eye-catching types of display advertising products and very popular with our clientele. Even when there is not a breeze to be found, the unique “stay open” design keeps your message prominently displayed for all to see. The high quality construction of the poles allows the flags to stand up to weather extremes such as high winds and protects your investment. Choose from one of our hundreds of stock titles and designs, or hire us to customize your flutter flags to suit your business needs.


Poster Frames


Poster frames can be used indoors, outdoors or in combination to add an interactive element to turn your poster advertising messages into big, bold proclamations. You can use them to build brand name recognition, catch the attention of passersby, or promote overstocks and special promotions. Choose from front-loading frames or slide-in designs in a wide range of colors, sizes and options.


iPad Displays


Discount Table Display HoldersTablet computers are hotly sought after consumer items, so you want to be sure you capture every bit of your target demographics for these items. Highlighting them on your countertops or showrooms with our attractive and functional iPad displays is a clever way to accomplish that. These displays feature anti-theft hardware and other features to make displaying and demonstrating tablet computers fast and easy.


Retractable Banner Stands


Discount Retractable Banner StandsRetractable banners stands are perfect advertising mediums for any business as they are available in sizes ranging from countertop displays to oversized outdoor displays. Manufactured from high-quality materials for durability, they are stable, portable and easy to set-up or break down. These low-maintenance, high performing advertising products work as well at tradeshows, conventions and exhibitions as they do on sidewalks or in storefronts. Go the eco-friendly route and choose retractable banner stands featuring bamboo or opt for metals such as aluminum. Either way, you will love the affordability and high-quality enhancement to your messaging.


WindMaster Curb Signs


Make your message a real attention getter with a WindMaster Curb signs. Available in sizes ranging from 18″ by 56″ to 28″ x 67″ and positioned in an area likely to draw foot traffic, these hard-working display-advertising products keep your messages upfront and visible in any weather. When you need to make an impact, you need a WindMaster sign.


Discount Windmaster Curb SignsSports teams, government agencies, donut shops and automobile dealerships are not the only ones who can benefit from versatile display marketing products. Whether you are a one-person organization or a worldwide corporation, advertising can be your best salesperson. The key lies in choosing the best mix of products to suit your specific needs, and we are ready to help you make the smartest selections for your business, product or brand.


Metropolitan Display is proud of our huge line-up of display products and promotional items. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn!


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