Four Patrioric Banner Sails to Really Draw A Crowd This July

Even though team U.S.A may have conceded to Belgium in the World Cup last night, it doesn’t mean your patriotic spirits should be dampened. There are so many things to celebrate during the month of July, it’s time to let those stars and stripes loose!


We’ve got some ideas to ensure that July is the best sales month of the whole summer. Take a look at these four Advertising Banner Sails and let your mind wander. These are only the beginning.


4th of July Sale Flutter FlagSummer Sale!


Christmas in July and 4th of July sales are hugely popular this time of year. Between the thousands of tourists who are wandering the globe on extended holidays and the sun drenched locals who are spend-happy from all that extra vitamin D, advertising a mid-year sale is a great idea.


It’s also the time of year that children are shacked up with their grandparents, giving mom and dad a break while they are out of school. And everyone knows grandparents are the best ‘back to school’ shopping partners! Giving them a sale lets everyone get a head start on buying clothes for the new school year.



Fireworks!Fireworks Banner Sail


Almost nothing draws a crowd like fireworks. But first, you have to know where to get them! Since most stands are roadside, you need to give drivers ample warning so they can stop in time to fill up their trunk with sparklers, black cats and bottle rockets.


What’s even better is that these flutter flag banner sails are durable enough to leave up throughout the year. Keep it up even after you’ve closed up shop this season, that way, folks will know where to go next year!


For the Love of Your Country!


You don’t even need a reason to show that you’re proud of your country, but after yesterday’s loss, it’s a sensitive time. Show your 16' Tall Banner Sailcustomers your true patriotic colors and fly one of these flutter flags outside the shop. At the very least, it’ll set you apart from your neighbors.


Happy 4th of July! 


Being in season is always in fashion. By wishing anyone who walks past your store a Happy 4th of July you’re already making a connection. With everyone in good spirits enjoying the company of family and friends, they are much more likely to spend- at least in the days leading up to the 4th. This timely advertising sale is also a friendly way to let people know why you’re closed without leaving a bad taste in their mouths.


If you like what you see, keep in mind we have flutter flags to take you through every season of the year! The fun doesn’t have to stop once you flip your calendar to August!


We hope your 4th of July is full of fireworks, hot dogs and loved ones. Happy Birthday America!Happy 4th of July Eagle Flutter Flag


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