How to Boost Your Display Advertising Effectiveness

Outdoor banner stand displaysDisplay advertising on banners, flags, event signage, tradeshow displays, sandwich boards and posters is the perfect vehicle for enhancing the effect of other forms of advertising in your marketing strategy. Typically, this type of advertising is used for broad rather than specific messages about products, brands or services and works best with messages that are about six words or less. For instance, remember this famous slogan: Coke: It’s the Real Thing.


However, just as you would not purchase a one-time billboard or print or broadcast advertisement and expect it to generate major results for your business, investing in several types of display advertising designed to work together to convey your company message increases the overall reach and effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Here are ways to get more impact from display advertising that you might not have considered:


Be Unconventional


Discount changeable message signsWho says you have to position your sign or easel outside your restaurant door? In fact, if every other restaurant within walking distance is using sandwich boards to advertise their lunch or dinner specials, using a different type of sign makes you stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of potential new customers. Changeable message signs, easels, flutter flags and flying banner sails are clever alternatives to the traditional sandwich board type sign.


More is Better


We are not talking about verbiage here, as it is always best to be brief and clear in your display ads. The idea here is to layer your advertising to get better coverage and results. Cluster a group of flying banner sails, flutter flags around other types of advertising and signage such as outdoor banner displays and A-frame signs, or use them as directional signage to attract potential prospects to your business. Consider these as other doors leading to your product or service, and use them to introduce other products, convert prospects to buyers, or reinforce your main advertising message.


Keep the promotional momentum going inside your place of business with display advertising products such as literature and catalog holders, window signs, or counter top displays.


Expand Your Promotional Reach


Once you have identified the types of display advertising better suited to your needs, plan a comprehensive campaign to combine those ads with all your other advertising methods to ensure you get the best results for the dollars expended.


Tips for outdoor display advertisingConsider pairing your outdoor and indoor advertising with options such as:


Social media: Purchase ads or run campaigns, and remember to ask for Facebook likes and Twitter follows as part of your marketing.


Print: Newspapers, magazines, and direct mail are just a few of the print advertising venues to explore.


Broadcast advertising: Radio, television, cinema and billboard ads are important components of any advertising strategy.


Nontraditional: Advertising messages show up in the most unconventional places these days and smart entrepreneurs know this nontraditional advertising works. Good choices are imprinted items ranging from pencils to shopping bags, transit ads, park bench ads and so on.


The key to making all this work is to have a goal and theme for your marketing plan, and carry that message or branding technique across all the types of advertising that you choose to invest in.


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