How to Get your Business Noticed with Flutter Flags!

What would it be worth to your bottom line if you could ensure that customers walking the strip or driving in their car noticed your store? How much more money would you make if at a festival or in a mall your store stood out above the hundreds of others along side it?


While we can’t help you make the actual sale, we can help make sure your brand gets noticed.


But how can we make such a claim knowing nothing about your business? Because we’ve got a secret weapon that has helped thousands of companies all the way from The Gap and Yahoo all the way to your local mom and pop shop make themselves super visible.


Our wildly popular collection of Flutter Flags, also known as Swooper Flags, Feather Flags, Flying Banners, Bowflags and Wind Blades, make it a breeze to promote your brand with or without…well, a breeze!


Flutterflags Marketing Displays

We have a massive collection which spans a number of industries, holidays and situations perfectly suited your business. And! We’ve just upgraded our current inventory stock to include hundreds of new titles. Truly something for everyone.


To go along with our new and improved selection, we also carry a new Windless Design that lets your brand stand tall with or without the help of gusty wind patterns to keep it afloat. Now, even if the weather is unpredictable, your sales don’t have to be.


On their own, our fade resistant advertising banners stand at 11.5 feet. Add in our heavy gauge aluminum poles and these advertising giants tower at just over 16 feet tall. But don’t let that intimidate you. Thanks to our new smaller, economy flag kits, set up and take down are easier than ever! And you don’t have to worry about the mounting system looking unsightly or ruining the aesthetic of your cleverly designed flag either. We’ve engineered the hardware so that it remains completely hidden from sight.


But what about the flags themselves you ask?


Well, the Knit Polyester Banner/Flag is 100% dyed-through, printed single-sided (with the back side reversed) which means the colors start off bright and stay that way over the course of their long life.


As if we even needed to sweeten the deal any more, we’ve recently lowered our prices on our inventory stock! No excuses, visit our Flutter Flag page and start perusing today!


We also offer same or net day shipping so you can get your new Flutter Flag fast! Metropolitan Display has thought of everything to help you grow and make your establishment more visible! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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