Ignore These Three Tradeshow Booth Set-up Tips At Your Own Risk!

Discount banner stands1. Location, Location, Location


Any good real estate agent can tell you the value of location in a real estate transaction, and location has just as much value in a tradeshow environment. While you won’t always be able to cherry-pick your location, if you do have the choice, take a booth space that is near or adjacent to high traffic areas such as food courts, restrooms, entrances, entertainment or seminar and product presentations.


However, if you can’t snag a premium piece of tradeshow real estate for your booth space, not all is lost. Overcome this challenge by investing in hanging banners and flutter flags. These types of high-visibility display marketing products are seen from almost any angle or vantage point. These easy-to-read sales messages work hard for you and make your message a real attention-getter.


2. Sketch Your Floor Plan


Once you know your booth location and size, it’s time to draw up your floor plan. Putting your design on paper first helps you in three different ways:

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It allows you to utilize your valuable floor space wisely. After all, you have paid for every square foot of your booth space, and you want to get the best return on your investment.


It helps you focus on what to take with you and what to leave behind. Making your packing list is quicker, and it lessens the chances of leaving behind an important display, signage or product.


It’s easier to erase and move objects around on paper than it is to push and shove tables and other heavy objects around a tradeshow booth.


By planning in advance, you cut your booth set-up time in half, leaving you plenty of time to stroll around the exhibit hall and check out your competition. Instead of being stressed and harried when the doors open and your prospects start streaming in, you are at the top of your game and ready to make an excellent presentation – time after time.


3. Create a Wow Factor



Most exhibit booths are a standard size: 8 x 10 feet or 10 x 10 feet, and most exhibitors take the standard six-foot table provided by the event coordinator and plunk it right in the middle of the space at the front of the booth.

Custom print table covers and table cloths


The problem with this approach is it blocks the traffic flow to your booth and makes the space look small and cramped. While you will hopefully attract a large number of prospects to your booth, if they can’t get by other folks who are gathered around your table or talking to your sales staff, they’ll cruise by your booth on their way to your competitor.


To avoid this, position your table to either the right or the left of the booth, and using vertical signage or pop-up displays across the back of the booth to create an open, inviting atmosphere that draws potential customers into your booth.


Another creative technique is to position your table in the middle of the booth, but orient it vertically rather than horizontally and closer to the back of the booth than the front. This creates a circular traffic flow that allows prospects to walk into the booth, around both sides of the table and then back out. Pair this technique with vertical displays and catalog holders to put your product or service in the spotlight.


The best results in display marketing come with repetition of your message, so make sure your signage, displays and even your table covers are synchronized in presenting your logo, your branding and your message in a consistent fashion.


By negotiating for the best possible booth position, planning your space and using every inch of it efficiently, and differentiating yourself from other vendors by creating a traffic-stopping display, you’ll maximize your time and money investment in any tradeshow venue.


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