Increase January Clearance Sales Traffic: 3 Display Advertising Products

January Clearance Sale IdeasDoes your advertising mix need a makeover? Are you tired of running the same ad campaign and getting the same – or worse – result? If so, it could be time to change your mindset and look at different types of display advertising products. With the new year almost here and time for that big clearance sale, these three ideas will help you reel in the foot traffic and help you sell more this January!


Flashing Lights are Attention-Getters


Flashing lights of any kind are an instant way to attract more foot traffic to your business especially if you are located off road or in semi-isolated conditions. It’s highly visible in spite of weather conditions or time of day or night, and it is an easy way to separate yourself from other businesses or your competition.


Use Large A-frame stands with blinking lights for January salesA movie theatre style marquee sign flashing in the window of your establishment could be just the incentive passersby need to pop in and check out your goods or services. To make sure your flashing sign always looks it best and is operating in tiptop condition 24/7, be sure to order some replacement bulbs when you purchase your sign. That way, you will never have to worry about having burnt out bulbs.


Before you store all your holiday lights away, invest in a large A-frame sign with custom printed inserts and add your blinking lights to the sign and watch people flow through your front door!




Use Flags to reel in January clearance sale foot trafficFlags add an interactive element to marketing promotions. They are high impact, high visibility advertising products with low price points, and prospects can spot them from a variety of different vantage points. Use them alone or in combination with other display advertising products.


Choose from stock flutter flags and flying banner sails or have them custom printed with your marketing message. Design your own or let our design team create one for you – the choice is yours. All our flags are designed to withstand strong winds and harsh weather and printed in ultra high resolution for maximum visibility and impact.


Put Your Foyer to Work


Use bulletin holders with custom printed inserts to announce salesAre you promoting your products and services in your foyer or other waiting areas? If not, you might be missing some major sales because you have a captive audience when people are waiting in these areas.


Bulletin holders, poster holders, brochure holders and pedestal signs can all be used to give customers and prospects more information about the products and services you can offer them. Even if you do not have a foyer or reception area, you can use the same concept in dressing rooms, bathroom, showrooms and other common areas where customers might be browsing or waiting for service.


Companies make major investments in the building facilities for their products and services, so it’s important to get the highest return on that investment. Using these tips will help ensure you are getting the maximum exposure for your January clearance sales and all retailers must consider first-of-the-year sale days as part of their holiday season advertising plan!


At Metropolitan Display and our sister store Metropolitan Graphics, we have all the products you need to ring in the New Year and make those bank deposits just bigger!


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