Increase Your Advertising ROI With Outdoor Signage

Discount Outdoor Retractable Banner StandsIn today’s ultra-competitive world, most businesses cannot afford to not advertise, but deciding which media will generate the highest return or how much to invest on each portion of an advertising campaign can be tough. Outdoor signage can be an unmatched selection for offering a high return on the dollars invested. Signage makes your physical locations easier to find and more visible, enhances your company image, and increases brand awareness and recognition.


When it comes to outdoor signage, there are two main categories from which to choose: static or moving messages.


Static Messages


Custom industry flutter flags deeply discountedSigns, posters, print or broadcast ads and billboards are all types of static advertising messages, although some billboards are also moving messages if the boards are “rotated” throughout a market segment. However, most of these advertising examples are static because the marketing message is permanently attached to a particular location or market segment.


Moving Messages


Flutter flags whipping with the breeze, flying banner sails waving proudly, and vehicles zipping through town with car top signs are examples of moving advertising messages.  So are bumper stickers, car window signs, and human billboards.


Are you wondering what a human billboard might be? Think about all those custom-imprinted hats, t-shirts, jackets and other wearing apparel you’ve handed out at tradeshows and conventions or as customer incentives. Every time someone wears one of your promotional items, you’re getting a little extra mileage out of your advertising dollars and increasing the reach and frequency of your marketing communications.


Affordable clothing and display racks from NYC Garment CoSince variety is the spice of life, you might want to try dressing out a window mannequin with some of your custom imprinted apparel as a novel way of complementing some of your other types of advertising. The options are endless when you are working with outdoor signage ideas.


Choosing the Best Mix


Choosing the right mix of static and moving messages for your business can be tricky but not impossible. The first thing to do is analyze your sales and identify your market demographics. Next, decided how many advertising units you’ll need to reach your goals and how visible you want them to be. While less is more when it comes to advertising copy, more is better when you are striving for market penetration, brand awareness and increased sales.


The Devil’s In the Details


Discount Changeable Message SignsProperly maintained signage, whether static or moving, works best. Even the most well constructed, powerfully built signage can become dirty or faded over time and with exposure to extreme weather.  In addition to looking bad and being a potential eyesore to the community, outdoor signage that is in poor repair reflects badly on your company and your reputation.


Refurbishing and replacing signage as needed sends an important non-verbal message to prospects and customers because it shows you take pride in your product or service. They will know you do not compromise quality and pay close attention to even the smallest details.


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