Top 3 Display Advertising Mistakes and Why You Should Avoid Them

Discount Outdoor Windmaster Display SignsIt’s easy to be overwhelmed when planning your display advertising campaigns, which can cause you to make some of these common advertising mistakes. Here are some tips on how to avoid these pitfalls and develop a winning marketing plan for your product or service.


Too Big


It is much smarter to start small, learn what works and what does not, and then add and refine as you grow. Do your research first so you know your demographics such as what your customers want and buy, and how to motivate them to make their buying decisions.


Wait to make a major investment until you are armed with this crucial data so you can fine-tune your marketing strategy and mapped out your ad campaign. This way, you are only buying the display marketing products that will work best for you.


Too Small


Discount Flutter Flags to Buy in Bulk & SaveOn the other hand, it is important to avoid going too small with your display advertising products or the scope of your marketing campaign. Smaller units traditionally yield smaller results, and an advertising program with the potential to generate a fantastic ROI could fizzle if you under-invest in it.


What is the best way to overcome both of these common blunders? Set your goals first so you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish with your advertising. Goals should be specific, achievable, and measurable – for instance, increase sales by 15% in the next two quarters.


Next, allocate your budget to the specific display advertising products needed to deliver those results. For example, if outdoor signage advertisements generate the best return on your advertising dollars, you will want to invest more money in that area and less in other areas that may not be as successful for you. A campaign including outdoor display banners reinforced by A-frame signs, flutter flags and flying banner sails makes more sense in this scenario than other types of print or media advertising.


No Theme or Objective


Car top sign for advertising on carsSetting a theme for each advertising campaign is as important as setting a goal for results. Look at it this way – a marketing campaign for a new product or service launch differs greatly from a seasonal marketing plan or a product or service branding campaign.


You’ll need to know who is in your target audience, how your main competitors are positioning and marketing their product, and what features or benefits of your product make you a better job for the chosen demographic. Next, decide what display advertising vehicles can deliver the results you need. Will you need to start from scratch and create everything from new business cards and brochures all the way up to indoor and outdoor signage, or can you piggyback on the advertising products already in service and add options such as changeable message signs.


The point is, once you set your goals, determine the correct size and scope of your advertising campaign, and finalize your themes or objectives, you are in the best position to reap the highest return on your advertising dollars.


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