Why Are Outdoor Display Marketing Products So Good At Boosting Sales?

Discount Outdoor Banner StandsDid you know that the way you market your goods or services is more important than what you sell or the services you provide? It’s a fact, because if you fail to make a good first impression on existing or potential new customers with your advertising, they will sail past your business on their way to a competitor who is doing a better job of using display marketing products—leaving you in the dust. Are you using the right types and proper mixes of these products to get the results you need?


Outdoor Advertising Works


According to the Arbitron National In Car Study (2009), outdoor advertising is highly effective for getting people to notice a product or service as well as influencing their purchasing decisions. In fact, about 71 percent of respondents in the study said they noticed roadside advertising as they passed by it. That makes sense – globally, we are an increasingly mobile population that spends a huge portion of our time traveling in vehicles to work or other activities.


So, if you are not using some type of outdoor signage to promote your business, are you sacrificing a major segment of potential traffic and profit for your business? You could be.


Think of outdoor signage this way: It’s similar to hiring an additional sales force willing to work 24 hours a day to promote your business and sell your products without getting paid a penny for their efforts.  Some products to consider are:


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  • LED signs
  • Banner Stand Displays (Get 10% off throughout the month of May 2013!)
  • Eraseable signs
  • Illuminated signs
  • Changeable message signs


Mix and Match Products for Best Results


Discount LED signsChangeable message signs, sidewalk and curb signs, and electronic displays are often touted as the kings of outdoor advertising, and it’s true; they have their place and as the Arbiton reports shows, they are quite effective.


However, just as a king needs to be surrounded by a queen and a loyal court, these types of bold, visual displays are more effective and can be leveraged to boost your sales when they are used in conjunction with other products such as flutter flags or flying banner sails.


Are you using one or two types of outdoor advertising but not maximizing your return? Consider using some other supporting display marketing items such as flutter flags, flying banner sails, pedestal signs or window signs to double down on your marketing efforts.


Boost sales with outdoor display productsUsing multiple display marketing products with a common message or theme creates a strong subliminal message that works from a distance to attract those visually oriented prospects and lead them to your business. The beauty of this method is that even though each of these products can be used as a stand-alone advertisement, when they are combined as part of an overall marketing strategy, they become a prospect and sales-generating team that’s hard to beat.


Inexpensive and Effective


With the wide range of outdoor display marketing products you can choose from today, it’s easy to plan an advertising campaign to suit any budget. Additionally, since a majority of these products are inexpensive to purchase and easy to install, you can add on other products as you choose to grow the reach of your visual merchandising efforts. What’s not to like about that type of advertising strategy?


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