Why Less Is More When It Comes To Outdoor Display Advertising

Outdoor display advertising tipsOutdoor advertising can be a cost-effective way to generate leads and convert prospects to new customers or an expensive waste of advertising dollars. The key is in the design and delivery of the message. The most effective advertising slogans and messages for outdoor marketing campaigns are short and succinct. The message must be powerful and compelling yet conveyed in just a few words.


While this might seem overwhelming, it’s really easier to accomplish than you might think, and whether you design your own advertising campaigns or sub them out to an ad agency or other vendors, here’s a few suggestions to get your creativity juices flowing.


Here is a random sampling of some targeted, highly effective outdoor advertising messages gathered by driving through a rural America business community:


We Sell Metal Roofing

Lock Repair Here

No Bologna Subs & Deli

Keep Your Mortgage Close to Home

Totally Free Checking

10 Lunches Under $4.99

Questions? Ask Our Pharmacist

Realtor on Duty


Effective Outdoor Advertising Messages to Draw in CustomersWhat do all these messages have in common? First, they are short and to the point. Second, even though the messages are brief, it is clear what type of product or service these businesses offer. Finally, these messages work because passersby or those in vehicles can read them quickly. These are all good examples of ways to put outdoor advertising to work for your business.


Outdoor Banner Displays


Any of the examples shown here are easily customized to suit almost any product, service or brand and are perfect for use with outdoor banner displays. These types of displays are available in either single or double-sided formats and come in A-frame or adjustable height styles. They are an affordable way to advertise at trade shows, flea markets, sports events, restaurants or even schools and other facilities.


While you could use them as stand-alone advertisements, you will get more for your money when you pair them with components of your marketing strategy as part of an overall advertising campaign.


For example, you might want to partner an outdoor banner display with a message such as “10 Lunches Under $4.99″ with flutter flags or flying banner sails proclaiming “Lunch Specials Daily.” Complement these with a changeable message sign, easel or chalkboard display listing the day’s specials, and you have created a cost-effective marketing campaign to promote your luncheon offerings.


10% off Outdoor Banner Stands


The beauty of compartmentalized advertising programs such as these is you can add to them as your budget allows. For instance, you might start this month by purchasing an outdoor display banner to get your promotional campaign up and running, and then add the other items at the appropriate time. You can choose to do as little or as much as your funds allow with the knowledge that you can grow your advertising program as your company’s profitability grows.


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