Best Uses For Our New Collection of Windless Stay-Open Flutter / Swooper Flags

Ever gotten so excited to fly a kite, only to find the winds aren’t in your favor? While none of us can control or even predict the weather you don’t have to be at its beck and call when you want to advertise your business.


Unlike traditional standard flags which fold in on themselves when there is no breeze, we have the answer to displays that aren’t atGrand Opening Patriotic Flutter Flag Advertising Banner Sail all weather dependent. Enter our extensive collection of Windless Stay-Open Flutter / Swooper Flags. These beauties can not only grab the attention of any passersby, they also have a built in mechanism along the top arm that helps them stay open, making them consistently visible.


With bright colors, large bold lettering and extra-large flag sizes to display all your text, you can rest easy knowing that your advertising banner will be seen from afar and in any breeze condition. The quality Knit Polyester Flutter Flag is 100% dyed-through, single-sided (back side reverse) for bright colors with a very long life. The 4-piece aluminum pole set and ground base included in the full kit is easy to set-up in minutes.


4th of july Flutter Flag Advertising Banner SailInterested in seeing how your business might benefit from such an investment? Here are just a few of the things we’ve seen over the years:


- Apartment complexes advertising rent specials: Availability is good for renters, but bad for landlords who lose money when the space sits empty.

- Announcing your grand opening: How will you build your customer base if they don’t know you’re there?

- Car dealers promoting vehicles on clearance: Especially with big ticket items like cars, people are always looking for a bargain. New inventory for you means big savings for them.

- Seasonal shops: Do you sell fireworks in July and January? Make sure you’re clearly visible from the road so families who are looking to celebrate know where to stock up.

- Stores offering military discounts: Supporting our active military and veteran counterparts is not only noble, it’s a great way to get people in the door by showing your support.

- To announce a house that’s just come on the market: There could be dozens of open houses in your neighborhood at any given time. Realtors looking for a quick sale love the option to stand out.

- Pack people in for your next yard or estate sale: Some folks devote their entire weekends to seeking out these types of second hand sales. The more buyers you have on your property, the faster you can get back to your day.


Ready to grow leaps and bounds this quarter? Build these custom swooper flags into your advertising budget and watch as yourantiques 4th of july Flutter Flag Advertising Banner Sail ROI comes back in droves.


Metropolitan Display has thought of everything to help you grow and make your establishment more visible! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.


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