Get Ready for Spring Fashion Shows with Salesman Garment Racks

Discount salesman garment racks from Metropolitan DisplayIt’s time for flowers, better weather and spring fashion and trade shows to begin. Metropolitan Display has the products you need to help you stand out above your competitors and attract more people to your exhibit or booth space. Whether you will be exhibiting at trade shows, fashion fairs or need extra garment racks for your retail space, we’ve got you covered!


Rolling Single-Bar Rack


Commercial Grade Single Bar Garment RackIf your needs are defined as light, portable and adaptable, the commercial grade rolling single bar straight rack is perfect. The simple assembly and durability make this rack great for fashion shows and expo events. These are customizable with covers that can be purchased separately for more long term use in the back of the garage or protection from the elements on the way to your trade show.


Rolling Salesman Rack


Rolling and folding salesman single bar garment rackFor situations where portability, quick set up and take down is essential, the folding rolling salesman garment rack is more beneficial. It easily folds flat to fit in a car trunk. This model has an adaptation that allows you to expand your display area with the addition of screens that can be attached to the top rail. It also adjusts up and down to accommodate different length garments. Besides the obvious use for clothing, the flexibility of these racks make them perfect for other show adaptations. Using the hooks they could easily showcase any craft products like jewelry or paintings.


These can be used at bird shows to display toys, and smaller items can be hung on hooks in baggies where space is limited. Most craft fairs offer minimal table space but with a tall, rolling rack, you get a professional display in a smaller, vertical space. The wheel accessory will let you set up at your car and easily move your product into your designated space.


Commercial Grade Rack


Double bar folding and rolling garment rackFor heavier needs, we’ve got you covered with the commercial grade folding double rail rolling rack. This offers the option of a shelf that can be added to make more space on top and can be used with two screens, but still folds flat.


All these units are capable of holding up to 250 pounds but light weight and easy to move. Each expands from 48 to 74 inches in width to make the best use of your needs.


Make All Your Displays Shine!


Let Metropolitan Display help you show your inventory to its fullest potential! Be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter.


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