Holiday Marketing Tips For Any Business

Pop-up displays are great for Holiday marketingTraditionally, Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) garners the most holiday profit for smart marketers. However, perceptive entrepreneurs know how important it is to focus on marketing every day of the holiday season. Here are some tips you might not have considered to help you make the most of your holiday advertising and marketing efforts and increase your bottom line.


Match Display Advertising Products to Marketing Campaigns


How you plan to market to your target demographics should drive your choice of display advertising products. For instance, will indoor or outdoor signage be the best complement for your marketing strategy? Will you do stand-alone advertising or tie-in supporting options such as banners, pop-up displays or changeable messages? Once you know what products or services you plan to promote and how you will promote them, you can make the best choices of the right display advertising vehicles to bring you success. Can’t decide? Let one of our professional help you make the right selections.


Lead Them From the Outside


Use Garment Racks to display your holiday productsEye-catching window displays resplendent with mannequins dressed in gay holiday attire and positioned amid holiday tableaus are sure to draw potential customers to your business. Remember to stock up on table covers, literature holders and display stands to accessorize windows and showrooms. Complement these displays with some outdoor signage such as curb signs or swinger sidewalk signs for a winning combination.


Make It Easy for Customers to Buy


Many times, holiday shopping becomes overwhelming to consumers because sensory overload so it’s important to keep garment racks and shelves well stocked without overcrowding them. Make it easy for your customers to find the items they need by displaying similar items together or bundling items as complete sets or outfit. Grid panel displays are a cost effective way of creating groups that are attractive to the eye and set your products off to their best advantage. Complement these groups with signage for the finishing touch.


Change Displays Often


Take advantage of counter top displays this holiday shopping seasonVariety is the spice of life so keep that holiday display unique and fresh looking by changing the items or location frequently. Even something as simple as moving a garment rack from one location to another can make a big difference in sales if done properly. For example, try positioning a rack of winter coats by the footwear section, add some grid displays featuring winter hats, gloves and scarves, and you might be able to up-sell a customer.


Holiday marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated to work. You can use some or all of these tips to help boost your holiday sales without putting a dent in your advertising budgets.


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