How to Make your Christmas in July Sale a Hit With Merchandise Displays!


Even if you have a team of people to help you, changing up your showroom floor month after month can be difficult- and we don’t just mean the physical labor. Keeping displays fresh, unique and interesting takes creativity, planning and effective execution. The more display merchandising solutions and eye catching marketing displays you have the better.


By offering your customers an unexpected sale- say a Christmas in July sale- you are more likely to stand out from your competition. After all, who wouldn’t be curious to see a bright red and green sale promotion in the heat of summer?


One popular option when getting organized for this kind of sale is a grid panel display. They allow you to fully unleash your creativity by supporting an endless array of display combinations. These unique displays can stand unattached on your showroom floor, or can be easily integrated into your current set up with wall mounts.


They are especially perfect when you’re looking to sell large quantities of merchandise since you can quickly change out the display components and add additional merchandise. Particularly handy when you begin unloading your sale stock in droves. Configure to meet your personal needs, but don’t waste manpower doing it. These grid panels are easily enough that one person can set up and take down a display.


Discount Tower Grid Panel DisplaysWith your choice of 3 or 4-sided wire display panels an endless combination of towers, triangles, gondolas, wall mounts, etc can be easily set up and maintained.  Whether you’re looking to hang hats, organize jewelry, or fold clothes in baskets, there are a wide range of accessories and peripherals that will help you ensure all your merchandise is as visually appealing and as easy to sort through as possible.


Additional Display Options


Having a rolling rack outside your store is another great way to attract passersby. By having a small sample of your most heavily marked down clothes on fully display, you are sure to pique their curiosity. Once they see how reasonable the prices are, they’ll be even more likely to venture in and see the full selection.


Folding Rollable Salesman's Garment RackWe recommend this Folding Single Rail Rolling Salesman’s Garment Rack!


It’s so easy to put together you might never guess that it’s strong enough to withstand up to 250 lbs. Once the sale is over, collapse it and store in a car trunk or a closet to save space until your next sale. 


By keeping sale merchandise organized and continually cycling in additional products your Christmas in July sale can be the perfect way to pick up business in the summer months.


Keep in mind that Metropolitan Display offers discount pricing on all our grid panel displays and garment racks as well as the other display products we sell.


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