NYC Garment Co. – Innovative Display Racks, Mirrors and Accessory Stands!

Garment and accessory racks are unsung heroes in retail establishments, costume departments, showrooms and even commercial dry cleaners and laundries. After all, without garment racks or mannequins, how could businesses stock, store and display clothing, costumes and accessory items like scarves, hats, and jewelry?


Discount Countertop Accessory Jewelry Displays


Of course, clothing could be folded and stocked on shelves or tables, but the items will look more appealing to consumers when they are displayed in neat, color-coordinated rows on garment racks. Inventory sells faster and for a better price point when it is properly displayed with visual marketing to give it maximum eye appeal.


Discount countertop mirrors for retail displays


To showcase these stunning racks made of steel piping we’re including tons of HUGE photos to help you get a better idea on just how stylish these racks are and a scroll below and you’ll receive a BIG discount on these eclectic racks, mirrors, and accessory displays.


Versatile, Durable and Handsome

NYC Garment Co. Clothing Racks and Z-Racks

Inspired by New York City’s renown Garment Center, NYC Garment Co. racks and companion items transform even the smallest spaces into spacious looking, upscale showcases in a matter of minutes.


NYC Garment Co. racks and accessories are commercial grade racks manufactured from sturdy, high quality materials. They are easy to maneuver, even when fully loaded with clothing, and feature two locking and two non-locking casters to make sure they will not sag, lean or tip over. Their strength and durability make them an excellent value for the price point.


Discount Adjustable Bar Clothing Racks

Choose from non-adjustable or adjustable height racks; mix and match racks to suit your business needs. For instance, if you primarily stock longer garments such as gowns or slacks, an adjustable rack might be the smartest choice.


Classy Style


Position a NYC Garment Co. adjustable single accessory displayer atop a countertop in your showroom or storefront window and use them to highlight individual garments or entire ensembles.


NYC Garment Co. countertop tiered accessory merchandisers are an ideal way to encourage impulse sales. Use them to display jewelry, brooches, purses or scarves to complement a rack full of clothing and watch the additional profits add up.


Discount countertop accessory jewelry displays


Make it easy and convenient for your customers to see how fashionable they look in your clothing, costumes or accessory items like jewelry by placing several NYC Garment Co. countertop mirrors throughout your store or costume department.


Discount Double Bar Ballet Garment Racks


By displaying an entire outfit including accessories, it is easier for customers and potential customers to visualize themselves wearing the outfit to their next party, event, work or play. NYC Garment Co. racks make displaying single items of wearing apparel or complete ensembles fun and hassle-free so why not invest in one or two of them today?


At Metropolitan Display we’re offering a super discount on all of our NYC Garment Co. displays:


NYC Garment Co Retail Display Racks



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  1. Amy Jones says:

    Do you have any earring displays that match the pipe series?

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