Stock Up on Garment Racks to Sell More This Holiday Season

If you’d like to increase your holiday sales this year, consider stocking up on multipurpose garment racks and mannequins so you can show your holiday inventories to their best advantage. No one enjoys tugging at clothing on overly crowded racks to try and find a desired size or color. It is better to restock frequently and avoid overstocked racks, which can discourage shoppers and cause you to lose sales.


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Here are some ways to use those clothing racks and mannequins that you may not have considered:


Create Visual Displays


Discount mannequins and forms for the holiday shopping seasonVisual displays catch the eye and appeal to a potential customer’s emotions and senses. One of the best ways to increase sales of holiday apparel and accessories is by outfitting mannequins in complete holiday outfits and positioning them by garment racks stocked with identical clothing.


This works because the mannequin gives customers a visual idea of how they could use the clothing, and positioning the clothing at hand makes it easy for customers to act on emotion and to make a buying decision. You’ll need garment racks and merchandising displays on hand to showcase each of the individual pieces of an outfit, including accessories such as shoes and boots, outwear or jewelry.


This improves your conversion rates, increases your inventory turnover, and keeps your storefront or showroom stocked with desirable holiday merchandise throughout the season.


Be Novel


NYC Garment Co. unique garment racks for the holidaysTry changing your standard routine–it may shock your customers out of a buying routine. For example, if you always fold shells and t-shirts for display purposes, order an extra garment rack and dedicate it to displaying these holiday pieces in a prominent location in your showroom.


Group clothing in price point ranges, colors, or size ranges to make it easier for customers find what they need. Finally, include a properly attired mannequin as a visual advertisement, and you are ready to ring up some holiday profits.


Adding Impact to Visual Merchandising


Engaging most or all of a potential buyer’s five senses is a quick and low cost way to increase the impact of your holiday displays. Some inexpensive ways to incorporate these elements are by playing holiday music, using holiday scented candles or aromatherapy fragrances, and decorating with strings of brightly colored lights. Remember to include floor and window displays in your overall marketing plan, and purchase extra garment racks and mannequins if necessary.


Go Broad, Not Narrow


Z-Rack Garment Racks with add on shelf for the holidaysAnother way to get more mileage from visual merchandising is to go for a generic, rather than specific, approach. For instance, why not opt for holiday-themed displays, which could realistically be in place at the end of October and run through the New Year, instead of Thanksgiving or Christmas displays? The benefit to you is your staff will spend less time putting up and taking down displays so they will have more time to spend with customers and help up sell their purchases.


Making more sales over the holiday season does not have to be time consuming or challenging if you are prepared with all the appropriate merchandising products. Our garment racks and mannequins excel in appearance and endurance and will give you years of value for the monies invested.


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Folding Garment Racks 10 percent off


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