5 Apps Marketing and Advertising Professionals Should Get

While we tend to prefer the solid, tangible types of advertising you can hold in your hands (read: signage) we can’t deny that there are a lot of really great advertising tools out there that reside in the digital space. Like with most things nowadays, there are some really fantastic apps out there which can make an advertisers job so much easier.


We should mention that when we say ‘advertiser’ we are casting a wide net. As with most small businesses we are fully aware that shop owners often where multiple hats. Chef, barista, bookkeeper, saleswoman, and marketer all rolled into one.


Whether you use an iPhone, Android, tablet, or other device, these five apps are sure to help when planning your next marketing or advertising campaign– no matter the dollar amount.


1) Evernote


Especially for small business owners, your store, restaurant or coffee shop is your life! Be honest- how many nights a week have you laid awake thinking about your to-do list or next campaign idea? Or perhaps strokes of genius frequently come while you’re getting off the bus or out to dinner with your sweetie, what happens then? With Evernote, you can save yourself the pain of forgetting your next brilliant idea. You know, the one that’s going to ultimately make you independently wealthy. It’s made for on the go thoughts as they strike.


2) Trello


Trello is like to-do lists who’ve had a few espressos. It’s a collaboration tool in which each person on your team has their own individual “board”. There, tasks are listed by what each person has to do, tasks that are currently in progress, and completed tasks. Each team member can also assign tasks to one another and prioritize deadlines. Tracking your progress on a certain task is also a cinch with their built in checklists.


3) GoDocs


Have you ever taken a day off, perhaps to rest up from illness, only to have someone from the office call in a panic, asking you for a document they can’t find in their email? GoDocs will help put out any potential fires since it lets you sort and view your documents based on the latest version. It’s also a cinch to upload them from your mobile device. Think GoogleDocs with more bells and whistles.


4) Zerys


Sometimes to get people in your store, you have to find them where they are…mostly online. To do that, content marketing efforts such as blogging are king. But not everyone has time to sit down a write everyday, or even every week. Enter Zerys app. All you have to do is post a topic and suggested title to get a list of writers who might be interested in helping you write pieces of content for your blog. Once they send in a draft, you can request edits, reject all together, or post as-is. Not great at thinking of titles based? Don’t worry, there’s a function to help you with that too.

5) GoToMeeting


Who among us hasn’t taken a meeting on the go…or at least wished they could! GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar mobile app makes tele-meeting easy. You can see and hear the presenter’s all from your cell phone. Your schedule just got a lot more free– and full.


And with that, we have some signs to make. Do you have an app that helps make your advertising and marketing projects easier? Tell us about it!


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