Need the Best iPad and Samsung Tablet Displays for Your Next Expo?

iPad Kiosk Display holders from Metropolitan DisplayToday’s trade show exhibits go high-tech. Whereas in the past it was perfectly okay to simply bring a few printed brochures and do some hands-on demonstrations, today’s sophisticated audiences have become accustomed to computer simulations, PowerPoint charts and Excel spreadsheets. Discount tablet displays for iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablets offer you the hardware needed to fit the bill.


iPad display holder with round floor base from Metropolitan DisplayWhat Types of Mounts are Available?


  • Classic Aluminum Pro iPad Wall Mount Display. Available in black and satin silver, this modern wall mount is for the business with an avant-garde product or demographic. The eight-inch-long posts accommodate iPads of generations 2 and 3. Since the frame can rotate 360 degrees, it is perfect for sharing among attendees. A high-impact face cover protects the technology from bumps.
  • Classic Aluminum Pro iPad Display with Stand. Featuring a curved floor stand with an attractive oval base, this is a freestanding product. You are not bound by the limitations of your booth walls but rather have the option of moving the display to where the attendees congregate. This display stands 37 inches tall and accommodates generations 2 and 3 of the iPad.
  • Classic Aluminum Pro Samsung Galaxy Display Counter Stand. If the counter of your booth space is going to be the area where you want attendees to interact with your product and information, opt for this counter stand. Suitable for Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet technology, solid anti-theft hardware keeps your tablet safely in place.
  • Counter top Samsung Galaxy Display Holder from Metropolitan DisplayClassic Aluminum Pro Samsung Galaxy Display Floor Stand. Featuring a square base and a hard travel case, this is the setup for the business owner who spends a lot of time at trade shows and is no stranger to exhibiting products and service details on the go. Accommodating the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet, this stand offers integrated USB cables and is actually so tough that you can use it in a storefront setting on a daily basis as well.


Discount tablet displays are ideal for all kinds of retailers and service providers. Offer stand-alone presentations that clients or customers can enjoy at their leisure. In the alternative, consider the upload of interactive programming that allows buyers to investigate a product from a variety of angles before committing to the purchase.


In this manner, you have the opportunity of targeting a wide array of demographics. Experienced buyers will appreciate more advanced display data whereas novices or first-time buyers may wish to get a general overview first before receiving information that is more detailed. For additional information on display options, contact our friendly sign professionals at Metropolitan Display.


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