Best Uses for iPad and Tablet Kiosk Displays!

According to UK-based Gartner Analytics, worldwide tablet sales have increased by more than 68% since 2013. To put that in perspective, in total sales swelled to just over 195 million up from 2012′s 116 million. Not only is this rise changing the way we access information, it’s changing the way business and consumers interact with one another. Even B2B services have been transformed with the spread and accessibility of these handy devices.


If you’re not taking advantage, your business could very well be missing out on a ton of business opportunities, potential sales, and untapped marketing channels.


Assuming you are ahead of the curve and have already invested in tablets for your business, you’ll obviously want to take all necessary precautions to make sure iPads and Tablets are visible, accessible, and most importantly, secure! No one wants to be out hundreds of dollars if one of these essential devices gets lifted.


Fortunately, Metropolitan Display has dozens of tablet kiosk displays, fitting for any situation or scenario your can conjure.


Below, we’ll cover three of our top displays as used by the industries who benefit most from having them in their employ.


Food Truck Vendors Professional Series Lock & Stand Counter Style Ipad Kiosk Display


What started as a craze in LA has spread all over encompassing cities such as Portland, Austin and Montreal, with some estimates projecting a $803 million gain in 2014.


An essential for anyone looking to jump on the bandwagon (or truck) is an iPad or Tablet capable of accepting square payments, letting customers pay with their credit or debit cards and signing with their finger.


We recommend this Professional Series Lock & Stand Counter Style Ipad Kiosk Display, which can be easily handed back and forth between vendor and customer.


iPad floor stand displays


Trade Shows


At any given time your booth at the trade show could be host to hundreds of conference participants. If you play your cards right many of those could quickly go from strangers to business prospects.


Give them something interactive to toy with, which asks only for a simple email address to participate.


Try this Classic Aluminum Pro iPad Display Curved Floor Stand with Oval Base. Perfect for an iPad Air.


Retail Store


Want to let shoppers know of future secret sales? Simply ask them to enter their primary email address. This way they are eligible to receive newsletters detailing new items, special promotions, or additional sales which can only be accessed with an emailed offer.


Since the iPad shouldn’t move much, we suggest our Classic Aluminum Pro Ipad Display Counter Stand with Round Base.


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