Boost Your Electronics Sales With Point of Purchase Displays

Samsung Galaxy tablet display with floor base and carrying caseCould your sales of electronic products of items such as cell phones, smartphones, iPads and tablets use a boost? One of the easiest ways to sell these electronic gadgets is with the appropriate type of point of purchase (POP) displays.


What’s So Special About POP Displays?


Points of purchase displays draw attention to electronic products and act as a silent sales staff. You no longer need to worry about a potential sale slipping through the cracks because you are tied up with another customer, because interested prospects can see and experience the product for themselves while you are busy.


Points of purchase displays furnish valuable information about product size, weight and ease of use. They help increase brand recognition, and displaying well-known brand items such as iPads or smartphones builds instant credibility for your company. These high quality, attractive displays are designed as an easy way to sell electronics like smartphones, cell phones and tablets and contribute to a solid sale.


Want Some Extra Profit for the Bottom Line?


iPad poster stand displaysElectronics displays are great for buyers because they can see and touch the items that interest them. Demonstrating the products is quick and easy, and sales increase because potential purchasers experience actually using the product before they make a buying decision.  These types of sales are often impulse purchases, and the point of purchase displays help appeal to a customer’s emotions by allowing them to visualize owning and enjoying the product.


Another appealing feature of point of purchase displays is their cost effectiveness. Most displays yield a quick return on investment and pay for themselves quickly.


Point of Purchase Solutions


Cell phone holder counter top displaysElectronics displays come in a wide range of styles and options so you can mix and match to create the perfect selling solution for your retail environment. They are ergonomically designed and have small footprints so you can maximize the square footage of your store to best advantage.


Choose from counter-top, wall mounted or freestanding floor models or use a variety of styles to show your inventory to best advantage. All our electronics displays are manufactured from durable, high quality materials and designed to give you years of service. An important feature to help with loss prevention is the standard anti-theft hardware, and all the units are quick and simple to assemble and set up.


Remember to complement your point of purchase displays with other display advertising selling tools such as brochure holders and pockets or business card holders. The easier it is for your customers to spend money with you, the more they will spend.


At Metropolitan Display our lineup of iPad, Samsung and iPhone displays is growing so please do check out our inventory! We invite you to like us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.


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