The Versatility of Easel Stands and Art Tree Presentation Stands!

Buy Easel Stands Online at affordable prices!Easel stands and art tree presentation stands help place your business products or services in front of your target customers. They give you the very best bang for your advertising display buck. An easel is completely versatile to use in every situation from a huge storefront to a small booth type display. The economical and more importantly, choice variety, make these stands affordable solutions. Our art tree stands allow you to display products, brochures or use as educational tools.


A Plethora of Portable Easels!


The portability of our easel stands makes them indispensable for presenters. These are available in a variety of materials and many of our models are made in the USA. Even the most lightweight style gives a professional appearance to show your audience you care enough about your products to showcase them in the best light.


Heavy Duty easel stands at discount pricesThe basic easel comes in either a matte silver finish or a black finish with a 24 inch shelf. These are perfect if you need a moveable display for conferences or trade shows. They are also great for hotels and convention centers to guide and inform.


A step up to a heavier easel stand is also affordable and holds up to a 50 pound display. These are perfect for a classroom or workplace presentation. To upgrade to a more upscale look, choose the classic Baroque styles in either black with brass accents or all brass. They can guide customers into a theater or a specialized area in a hotel setting. They will also present your daily café offerings in a memorable and classic bistro look. Make your business stand out!


The flip chart display easel is made of aluminum, easy to transport and with the adjustable legs, is height adjustable. These are great to use in a meeting where you want to brainstorm and have everyone’s ideas visible to the group. In a classroom they are ideal to get the lessons you need to teach to your students.


Art Presentation Trees Stands that Shine!


Buy art tree presentation stand online at discount prices!Our print and poster art tree stands are also priced affordably and can be useful in a variety of situations. They expand up to 80 inches high to get your information up past eye level. The top is an 11 x 17 inch header and this two-tone stands holds up to 32 display pieces. They will showcase your artwork or your specific business information at a variety of levels. These stands will also work for calendars and slim booklets. They are easy to move via wheels but come with four locking casters to keep them in place. What a great space saver for everything from a gift shop to a trade show!


Whenever you need to put your best ideas forward, Metropolitan Display will have the right product for you. You can use your company artwork or order customized signs from Metropolitan Display—we make it easy to upload your artwork.


From school and education centers to hotels and convention centers to trade shows and more, our easel stands and art tree presentation stand are the best you’ll find anywhere and our prices will amaze you!


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